Blog Review – A Seized Site that Had Good Quality and Low-Priced Meds Review – A Seized Site that Had Good Quality and Low-Priced Meds

Viagra Online HQ was an online pharmacy that existed on the web from 2011 to somewhere in 2017. It was an online medicine supplier where its customers bought medicines of high-quality at very affordable costs. People were able to get their meds on its site at prices which were up to 90% cheaper than the local pharmacies, a savings offer that was very hard to pass especially to those who were looking for big savings on meds. The reason why Viagra Online HQ was able to sell meds at very low prices was no secret. All of its products were generic medicines and generics were normally cheaper than the branded drugs. The reason why they’re cheaper was only because they were manufactured by a different pharmaceutical company and that’s it. But when it came to potency and effectiveness, generic drugs were always on par with their branded equivalents. But since the sale of generics was not a common practice at the local pharmacies, these drugs became inaccessible to the people that needed them. So in order to give people a chance to purchase generics, Viagra Online HQ made it the sole purpose of its site to sell generic meds.

The site of Viagra Online HQ had a user-friendly interface which made the medicine shopping of its clients easy. It had a language and currency option for its international customers to conveniently view the information and the prices of their meds. Its site also had a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page where it provided comprehensive answers to the questions that the people commonly had for generic drugs and its site. It also had a page on its site that was dedicated to giving the customers an explanation on what generic drugs are, an article which enlightened the readers about the benefits purchasing and using generics.

On the upper part of its site, next to its Contact Us page was a section named My Account. Whether the registration of an account on the website of Viagra Online HQ was necessary or not, no mention was made on its website. Since there was not much information about this, we can just assume that it was optional to the customers. A website account was used in a way that it kept record of the customer’s purchases and it also enabled them to access special features or offers of a site if it ever had any. The only thing was that for the customer to be able to create an account, they must provide their personal and medical information to the site, something that not many people were convenient with. If ever that the account registration at Viagra Online HQ was indeed optional, then its customers must’ve had the chance to purchase their meds anonymously for their own privacy.

In total, Viagra Online HQ only had thirty-six (36) different medicine categories on its website. This selection may not be as wide-ranging as what the local pharmacies had but Viagra Online HQ made sure that it contained the most commonly used and purchased meds on the market for their customers’ easy access. On the front page of its site was its bestsellers list and on top of that list was Viagra, followed by Cialis and Levitra which was all priced under $3 USD per pill. As for its customer service, it offered voice and live chat support as well as email for those who preferred to use it.

Even though it had a good run, Viagra Online HQ’s site is already closed and the reason for its closure was it was seized by the US government. The real reason behind that seizure was the campaign that was launched by the corporate drugstore chains to close online pharmacies down. Online pharmacies like Viagra Online HQ became huge threats to the local pharmacies because of their affordable price offers and this very fact pushed these large companies to act. Since their campaign was backed by various government agencies around the world, they were successful in forcefully closing down thousands of online drugstores, Viagra Online HQ included. Reviews

Apparently, Viagra Online HQ didn’t have any third party reviews for its site the reason behind this is still unknown. Third-party reviews are the preferred ones to be used for review analysis for the reason that these are unbiased and unedited testimonials of real people. As for onsite reviews, these are still considered to be reviews but not as valid as the third party ones as these might have already been edited to serve the interests of the pharmacy site where they were found. But since there are no other reviews available for Viagra Online HQ, we’ll be using its onsite testimonials.

Viagraonlinehq User Reviews

A review from an anonymous customer thanks Viagra Online HQ because aside from confirming that he has already received his orders, he got a good deal.

As for Alan, what he bought from Viagra Online HQ were Cialis soft tablets that worked very quickly for him. He was pleased with the flavor of the drug as well as the service that he was given.

The third review was from a customer who thanked Viagra Online HQ for the smooth delivery of his orders and also for the bonus pills that were included by the site for free. The customer looked forward to ordering again from Viagra Online HQ. Reviews 2018

There would no longer be any new user reviews for Viagra Online HQ as its site has already been seized. Basically, its site is already considered to be non-existent and the only way to view its old page is to check it on the web archives. Coupon Codes

Viagra Online HQ Special Offers
Viagra Online HQ Special Offers

Back then, Viagra Online HQ gave away 20 free Viagra pills to its clients each time they managed to order 100 ED pills, regardless of the brand. Its site also waived the shipping fees of orders which are above $150 USD in total amount and it also gave 5% discount to its reordering customers.


Viagra Online HQ was an online medicine supplier whose products were all generic meds. Its products were of good quality but it sold them at low prices. Sadly, it was among the thousands of online pharmacies that the corporate drugstores managed to close down because of their worldwide campaign. Impressive online pharmacies can still be found on the web and customers can check them out on our top list of recommended providers.

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