Blog Review – 2003 Store with Forum Reviews Review – 2003 Store with Forum Reviews, another web pharmacy, has surprised me. It’s actually one of the oldest online pharmacies around – I checked details for this website using a third-party platform and discovered that it was created in 2003. It was honest in stating that it has operated for a long time, and for me, it is something remarkable considering most online pharmacies are untruthful about their length of operations on the web.

The store US Meds Direct claims that it is located in the US, in Colorado Springs and true enough, information for this store points out that it is indeed located in the United States. The store employs the service of licensed doctors and pharmacists, which I think is also something that’s unique, considering most online drugstores have no links to licensed doctors or pharmacists.

According to the shop, these are its strongest points:

  • It has a licensed pharmacist
  • The shop is HIPAA compliant
  • Buyers are assured of 0 hidden fees
  • US Meds Direct offers free shipping
  • Over the phone refills
  • The US owned and operated

The store US Meds Direct does not look like the common online pharmacies. However, I think US Meds Direct is more retro considering its 2003 origin. As for the products, I think US Meds Direct has a product line-up similar to that of the common online drugstores in the market. Medicines sold by the US Meds Direct store include products for COPD, anxiety, depression, weight loss, and many more. Sadly, there isn’t any information on the store about its products’ FDA approvals.

If you’re interested in ordering from the US Meds Direct store, you have to register an account with US Meds Direct first. I tried adding a product in my cart, but the website redirected me to a sign-up page, unlike other online pharmacies that allow guests to check out before asking them to register.

Buyers need not provide their prescriptions for the medicines they need from US Meds Direct since the store offers free online consultations in the form of questionnaires. However, orders made on US Meds Direct are still subject to approval – buyers still need to wait for their approvals for their online consultations before they are allowed to order.

As for shipping, US Meds Direct offers free shipping on all orders. When it comes to payments, the shop accepts E-checks, MasterCard, and VISA cards.

There was no FAQ section on US Meds Direct so I was unable to check up on its policies for refunds, reshipments, or damaged/missing goods.

Live Chat Support at US Meds Direct
Live Chat Support at US Meds Direct

Buyers may take advantage of the store’s live chat support option whenever there are operators online. However, the shop also has numbers and a messaging option in case buyers need to reach the shop using alternative support options. Reviews

US Meds Direct has quite a few reviews on the web. I was able to discover buyer threads discussing their experiences with US Meds Direct.

Review for US Meds Direct
Review for US Meds Direct

The store seemed to work on and off for a time. However, a comment from September 2017, from the member Radcliffe, a senior member of the forum, mentioned that US Meds Direct is back up again. According to him, he tried using the store and ordered a Fioricet. Surprisingly, he was able to receive his order the next day, before lunch. Because of this, he was impressed and mentioned that he will use the shop again. Reviews 2018

While there were other thread comments for the US Meds Direct store on the same review platform I used, my browser has prevented me to access the other reviews. However, I still had a glimpse of a review for US Meds Direct, this time, from 2018:

Review for US Meds Direct
Review for US Meds Direct

According to the user named Elmerlin, he used the store before but has now stopped using the online pharmacy since it does not accept credit cards anymore and requires the users to use E-checks instead. Also, when he called the 888 number provided by the store, the person who answered his call said that it was a number for a brewery and not for the online pharmacy.

To gain insight on more details for the store US Meds Direct, I went on to use the platform The result for US Meds Direct was less than ideal though – the store was given a 0% trust score because of its lack of SSL security. However, Scamner has determined that the store US Meds Direct has worked for years and has not yet been reported as an unsafe store. Coupon Codes

Free Shipping at US Meds Direct
Free Shipping at US Meds Direct

Coupon codes and other discount offers are desired by customers so they can maximize their savings. US Meds Direct did not have coupon codes, but the shop offered this deal instead:

According to the store, buyers of US Meds Direct will enjoy free shipping since the shipping costs are already included in the product prices on meds found on US Meds Direct.


US Meds Direct started its service in 2003 and is, in fact, one of the oldest web platforms online. The store had good reviews from its former clients, but one 2018 user mentioned that there’s something fishy about the store – instead of its own number, the 888 number published on US Meds Direct was for a brewery.

Since reviews for US Meds Direct are still inconclusive, it’s best to give US Meds Direct a rest and try other sources instead, like the shops included on our list of TOP Web Pharmacies.

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