Blog Review – Closed but Redirects to Another Website Review – Closed but Redirects to Another Website has now closed down – its web address, when visited, displays no more than an error message stating that the shop’s address can’t be reached. Because that was the case, I had to go and look for clues on the web that might point me to what happened to the Rx Pills Buy Online shop.

I was fortunate to spot the former store’s records on the Internet Archive site, so I was able to catch a glimpse at the store’s former website. However, honestly, there’s nothing much to see – though records were available on the web archive, the website did not have much info on the archives – I saw the site and there were no other sections available other than the links to the product descriptions slash prices of the items there.

Rx Pills Buy Online only featured a products list on its main page – the store listed all of its products and categorized these only into three. There were only three types of products for Rx Pills Buy Online – Sildenafil, Tadalafil, and Vardenafil, which were all medicines for erectile dysfunction. There was no information about where these products came from or who manufactured them – there wasn’t even a hint on whether these medicines were FDA approved or not. I visited the links to the products and the shop has only discussed general details about the products – like their side effects, dosage, precautions, and similar information. However, it was odd that on the product information page, there were links to another site,, one which was still online. There is no reason why Rx Pills Buy Online redirects to this website even from the grave, but I’m thinking that it’s because the owners of Rx Pills Buy Online and are just the same.

Although there were no data on Rx Pills Buy Online regarding its inception and its other details, some web assessing platforms I used pointed out that the store started in 2015. It was also hosted in Russia, but its owner’s location is unknown.

Honestly, there was really nothing much on Rx Pills Buy Online, but I can enumerate some of the items sold by this store:

  • Viagra professional
  • Viagra super active
  • Vigora
  • Kamagra
  • Tadacip
  • Cialis black
  • Vardenafil

It’s also unknown whether Rx Pills Buy Online has asked its buyers to provide their prescriptions whenever ordering medicines on the platform, but based on the pattern followed by web pharmacies, online pharmacies usually allow no Rx purchases on their platforms, so buyers would order from them easily.

I don’t know how Rx Pills Buy Online operated without much on its website – no additional information, no graphics, and no usual online pharmacy content. However, we can say that it’s merely a bridge site and that it possibly has redirected consumers to the I’ve mentioned earlier instead of taking actual orders from its consumers. Reviews

Not surprisingly, Rx Pills Buy Online did not have buyer reviews available. However, I was able to find domain analysis results for this online platform. Here’s one domain analysis result for Rx Pills Buy Online:

Rx Pills Buy Online Review
Rx Pills Buy Online Review

Overall, has given Rx Pills Buy Online a rating of 1.67 points out of 5.00 points. According to the analysis, while Rx Pills Buy Online was safe to browse, it has a poor performance, a daily income of $0.15, which indicates that the shop is inactive. The fact that the platform has also rated Rx Pills Buy Online poorly tells something less than stellar about its performance although the domain assessing platform failed to elaborate on that more. Reviews 2018

I have also tried another web checking platform, this time, it’s the website called This online assessment tool had the following results for the web pharmacy Rx Pills Buy Online:

Rx Pills Buy Online

Rx Pills Buy Online
Rx Pills Buy Online

Overall, Rx Pills Buy Online was given a 19% rating for its performance, which was more than the usual score conferred by the same website on similar websites. The shop, according to Scamner, had the following upsides:

  • Has an SSL certificate
  • Safe site – no reports of illegal activity from Google

However, despite the two good points for this online pharmacy, the shop was identified to have the following weaknesses:

  • No trust records available
  • Hosted in a country notorious for scam activity
  • Not many visitors

This analysis is the closest I can get to a buyer review for the shop, but since Rx Pills Buy Online is now closed, I think there are more pressing matters than finding former buyer reviews for the Rx Pills Buy Online store – I think it’s more important to look for new stores to use for purchases. Coupon Codes

Since there was almost nothing found on Rx Pills Buy Online, I did not expect this online pharmacy to have deals in place for its buyers. However, when I checked the price for one product, I saw that somehow, Rx Pills Buy Online did offer something for the buyers.

Rx Pills Buy Online Bulk Discount
Rx Pills Buy Online Bulk Discount

Bulk buyer discounts were in place – customers paid for less per pill price for their medicines when they ordered more. According to Rx Pills Buy Online, buyers were able to save as much as $409 per order when they order in bulk.


Rx Pills Buy Online was a former online pharmacy established in 2015 and has closed down just shortly after. There were no buyer reviews available for this website – even on-site reviews, so I had to resort to domain checking platforms for additional details for this store. It was a safe site, but the ratings for Rx Pills Buy Online were still low because of other concerns.

Since the store is now closed, I suggest looking for other online pharmacies to use for cheap but reliable meds. Shops like the ones encompassed in our list of TOP Vendors are worth the try.

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