Blog Review – Two Decades and Only One Review Review – Two Decades and Only One Review was a former online pharmacy that’s closed and now unreachable. There is no online information on the web about why this store has closed down after operating for so long – I checked the web for reviews but I couldn’t find even one Rx Buys review available.

Although Rx Buys took on a different layout, Rx Buys had the same product lineup as any online pharmacy on the web. Most of the offers on Rx Buys were generic medicines for a wide variety of uses. Based on what can be seen on the former Rx Buys store, the shop had medicines for impotence treatment, cardiovascular diseases, blood pressure management, skin care, and more. Unlike most online pharmacies though, buyers of Rx Buys medicines were not immediately visible to the consumers, so if you’re interested in a particular product on Rx Buys, you have to search for your medicines manually on the platform.

The difference between Rx Buys and the usual online pharmacies is that the store asked for valid prescriptions for all of the products, unlike other websites that openly state that they allow prescription-less purchases of their consumers.

As for the main products sold by the Rx Buys store, the following were the best-selling items of the shop:

  • Generic Viagra: $1.69 per pill
  • Generic Cialis: $1.80 per pill

Concerning payments, the store accepted credit card payments using MasterCard, VISA, Discover, AMEX, and ACH E-checks. The store featured logos from VeriSign, TRUSTe, McAfee, which were supposed to guarantee that the store was safe to use by the customers. Since I couldn’t access the store’s information page, I could not determine if the shop had an SSL certificate, which was supposed to guarantee the safety of this online pharmacy.

I wasn’t able to determine the shipping rates and the return or refund policies of this online platform since most of its sections were not archived. Shipping though, was limited to countries outside of US, which was ironic since Rx Buys had a US address. It was easy to see that Rx Buys ran a good length – online records of this web drugstore were archived from 2002 to 2017, which means that the Rx Buys shop was active for nearly two decades. It’s just puzzling that a store that ran for nearly 20 years closed down without so much as leaving any traces. If the store was indeed a good one, I could have found strong references to this online pharmacy’s reliability. Reviews

I half expect online pharmacies to have on-site comments published, so I was a bit surprised that Rx Buys did not have any form of buyer reviews on its platforms. Most online pharmacies take the opportunity to uplift their service by posting online reviews or at least use the on-site reviews to counter any negative criticism for them on the web. In the case of Rx Buys, the store did not have reviews on-site, but the shop had several buyer complaints on the web:

Rx Buys
Rx Buys Online Reviews

According to one user, John Lee, who posted on Pharmacies Review in May 2011, Rx Buys was a scam store – he mentioned placing an order on Rx Buys but he allegedly received no confirmation email from the shop. John said that he tried to call Rx Buys but the shop never answered his calls.

Although Rx Buys did have one complaint about its service during the past year, one review isn’t enough to determine if the store was indeed a scam site. Like I need more than one good review to prove that a shop is reliable, I also need more than one complaint to prove that Rx Buys, the nearly 20-year-old store, is a scam pharmacy. Reviews 2018

I’m not sure when exactly Rx Buys has closed down, but the store closed before 2018 and hence was without reviews for that year. To be able to determine more details for this online pharmacy, I checked Rx Buys using a domain assessing platform.

Rx Buys Trust Score from Scamner
Rx Buys Trust Score from Scamner

Scamner’s result for Rx Buys was not as low as its result for most online pharmacies I’ve assessed before, but the store did not have a high score either. This online pharmacy only scored 7% out of 100% and it was only given a low score due to its want of an SSL certificate. Coupon Codes

Coupon discounts are some of the ways where buyers can save additionally on their orders, that’s why buyers are keen on looking for stores with available coupon codes and discounts for their customers. Rx Buys, however, did not have coupon codes available although it offered other deals for its former clients to enjoy:

Rx Buys Discounts for Clients
Rx Buys Discounts for Clients

Special offers on Rx Buys included the following:

  • At least 8 free pills for customers with orders of 60 pills
  • Free shipping for buyers with orders of 100 pills
  • 25% discount on return orders


Rx Buys was an online drugstore that ran for nearly two decades. While the shop was supposed to have hundreds or thousands of reviews considering its lengthy run, Rx Buys did not have anything on the web besides blogger opinions and a complaint about the service posted in 2011. Since this store’s now closed and there’s no information about its new domain, the more pressing matter is where we’re supposed to get our medicines next. For reliable pharmacies, it’s great to refer to our list of TOP Online Drugstores for the year since these are literally the best stores to use when it comes to affordability and reliability.

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