Blog Review – Domain Now For Sale Review – Domain Now For Sale information on the web is rather sparse, as even though the shop did have online information on the third-party platform called the Internet Archive, there is actually little known about the former store Rx Certified Drugstore.

The last time I paid the store a visit, its domain is now for sale or at least up for renewal. The hosting company is now looking for individuals or companies who are interested in purchasing the domain for their business. It is clear that Rx Certified Drugstore has failed to keep its business running, but it’s somehow unclear why the shop had to close down. I’ve tried to search the web for answers, but it seems that Rx Certified Drugstore was too unpopular to receive reviews and comments from its former buyers. There were some blog articles directed at Rx Certified Drugstore, but none of them discussed how and why the shop closed down.

Since there was information available for Rx Certified Drugstore on the internet archive platform, I decided to browse the Rx Certified Drugstore records a bit. According to the data available for the web pharmacy, it was an affiliate marketing website that’s part of a larger online pharmacy network. However, it wasn’t clear when the store was incepted or where it originated from since even if there was information for Rx Certified Drugstore on the web archive site, there was no information discussing the said information.

Although the store’s archived data was pretty murky, I saw that the website was just another generic medicines seller that had its focus on selling impotence treatments to its consumers. The store had products like generic Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra on its main page, which was pretty much like the average online pharmacy. Besides the generic impotence treatments though, the store Rx Certified Drugstore offered other products, like medicines for pain relief, anxiety, weight loss, insomnia, and other diseases. Prescriptions perhaps not required by the store since none of its items had an “Rx” symbol on them, but I’m half sure about this since I wasn’t able to browse the store’s other sections to check. Nevertheless, since Rx Certified Drugstore was pretty much like the usual online pharmacies, it may have allowed the prescription-less purchase of any Rx medication.

Prices for the most popular items on Rx Certified Drugstore were the following:

  • Generic Viagra: $0.92 each pill
  • Generic Levitra: $2.00 each pill
  • Generic Amoxil: $1.50 each pill
  • Generic Cipro: $0.94 each pill
  • Generic Diflucan: $1.75 each pill

Since most of the Rx Certified Drugstore information was inaccessible, I was unable to check the store’s preferred payment methods, its charges for the shipping, and its refund and return policies. Reviews

It was hard to find buyer testimonials for the web pharmacy Rx Certified Drugstore and there weren’t any buyer comment available on third-party sites. However, I’ve found several customer testimonials published on Rx Certified Drugstore’s former website:

Rx Certified Drugstore Reviews
Rx Certified Drugstore Reviews

Most of the buyer reviews written by customers were mostly confirmations that they have received their orders from the Rx Certified Drugstore shop. Besides writing about the successful deliveries, customers have also thanked the store for the effective products they have received from the store.

Besides thanking the store for the products and the quality of the items sent them by the shop, the on-site comments have also reflected Rx Certified Drugstore’s generosity when it comes to freebies.

However, although reviews from Rx Certified Drugstore were pleasing to read, these reviews were only found on-site and were therefore unreliable and hard to verify. Reviews 2018

Although Rx Certified Drugstore’s already closed in the year 2018, I still tried to check for reviews for this online platform. However, as expected, there were no buyer testimonials for Rx Certified Drugstore since it was long closed before 2018. Since this was the case, I needed to use third-party platforms like to help me gain more information about the Rx Certified Drugstore shop:

Rx Certified Drugstore Result
Rx Certified Drugstore Result

According to the overall result of Rx Certified Drugstore, the store was only 0% trustworthy due to the following reasons:

  • No existing SSL certificate: Shops without an SSL certificate endanger their clients’ security
  • Scam reports: According to Rx Certified Drugstore details, the store was reported several times as an online scam
  • Overall untrustworthy: Based on the information for Rx Certified Drugstore, the shop was overall an untrustworthy site. Because of this, advised the consumers to stay away from the online platform. It’s a relief, however, that Rx Certified Drugstore is now offline. Coupon Codes

I checked the Rx Certified Drugstore records and the store did not have existing buyer coupon codes available for its consumers to enjoy. I think, however, that Rx Certified Drugstore has offered bulk order discounts and conditional free shipping to its former buyers since these offers were the ones most commonly implemented by online pharmacies on the web.


Rx Certified Drugstore is now closed and its domain is now for sale. Since there was only limited information for this online pharmacy, it was difficult to assess why the shop has closed down. However, we can impute this store’s closure to the fact that it was unpopular and without a strong client base, as evidenced by its lack of online reviews.

If you’re looking for an online pharmacy to consider, I think it’s best if you refer to our list of TOP Online Drugstores for the present year.

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