Blog Review – Online Pharmacy that Operated only for a Brief Period of 7 Months Review – Online Pharmacy that Operated only for a Brief Period of 7 Months was an online pharmacy that operated only for a brief period of 7 months. No reasons were given by its administrators as to why it has closed down nor did anyone from the site leave any notice which mentioned anything about the site moving to a new domain or other things which could have explained its disappearance from the web. Nevertheless, the site seemed to have served quite a number of customers back when it was still active. It started out back in July 2012 and it stopped its operations February of 2013.

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Just like other online pharmacies like itself, was known for selling affordable medicines to its customers. Its products are on bargain prices not because it’s on sale but because its products are really cheap. Compared to the branded drugs which are sold at the local pharmacies, the products of are much cheaper because what they sell are generic medicines. Generic medicines are known to be cheap due to the fact that they are simply reproduced versions of the original drugs. They are produced by other pharmaceutical companies and usually have prices which are 80% to 90% cheaper than the branded medicines. But since these generic drugs sold by have the same active ingredients as their branded counterparts, users will experience the exact same benefits and effects in using them.

The range of products offered by is not as huge as what the local pharmacies have but they only offer the essential and the commonly bought ones. They offer medicine categories that span from allergy medications up to women’s health drugs. All in all, they have hundreds of different medicines on their site that the customers can browse, allowing them to choose their medicine by selecting the appropriate category for their condition.

But the most popular products sold by are medicines which are used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED). They sell the generic versions of Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra, three of the most popular ED meds in the market. The prices of these drugs at the local drugstores range from $65 to $90 USD per pill which is too much for many people. By offering ED generics which only cost $3 per pill and below, made a way for the people who previously can’t afford branded ED drugs to buy their effective generic versions in great quantities.

Customers can also rely on the quality of medicines being sold by because all of their products are approved by the Food and Drug Administration. The users of their products can be assured that they are safe in taking their meds and it will be effective for treating their conditions. Prescriptions are not required by from its customers but it strictly suggests its clients that they first consult their doctors before using the meds bought from them. This is for them to be sure that they have no underlying health conditions that may be impacted by using their purchased prescription meds. By not requiring their customers to provide prescriptions, have also helped their customers save time and money since the patients will no longer have to pay their doctors professional fees just for the scripts and the ordering process will just be a breeze.

The mode of payments accepted at is credit card payments and eChecks. The only credit cards that it accepts are VISA cards and MasterCard credit and debit cards. But in case that the orders fail to arrive or the orders arrive in a bad condition, customers can request a refund and will be processing it for them. Customers can also request a reshipment of their orders and will be sending a reshipment of their orders free of charge. Reviews

A customer named Johnny gave a review for where he shared his thoughts that he was first hesitant to order at the store because of his fears of getting scammed or getting fake products. But he decided to push through with his orders and his fears were proven to be wrong. He received genuine medicines from and also received constant updates from the site regarding the status of his orders. He was also happy that all of his questions were answered by to his satisfaction.

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Mike from Chicago also shares the same fears as Johnny as he was also afraid to make online orders of meds due to the negative possibilities of getting scammed. After receiving his orders, he was still doubtful as he thought that what he only received was a usual registered letter. But after opening the envelope, he was pleased to find his ordered products which look exactly like the images on’s site.

The last review for was from a customer named Stephen Smith who placed an order for his granddad. The orders took a little longer before arriving but the store called them to assure them that everything is alright with their purchases. Stephen intends to order again from the because of its honesty.

The reviews from may be enough to convince people but these are only on-site reviews, reviews which may have been fabricated by the site itself to bring more customers in. Third-party reviews for the site are not available so there’s no way for us to know if these reviews are really true. Reviews 2018

User reviews for are no longer available because the site has already been closed down for years. The reviews earlier were retrieved from web archives which was dated at July of 2012. Though appeared to be a good website in the past, customers would now have to look for a different online source for their meds as the site no longer exists. Coupon Codes

Even coupon codes or other promotions of are no longer retrievable because of the very limited information that has been archived for the site. Many elements are already missing from the site which means that it was already being pulled down before it was archived. But even if we can no longer salvage any of its promotional offers, the affordable pricing of its products are already sufficient for us to know that it once had good offers waiting for its clients.

Conclusion was an online pharmacy that only existed for 7 months, a very short period of time for an online store but it had a good impact to its customers because of the affordable products that it offers. It had a decent assortment of medicines which are priced affordably and are also of good quality. It had its share of good reviews from its customers but since it no longer exists, shoppers can check out our top list of recommended providers.

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