Blog Review: Pharmacy that is Now Offline Review: Pharmacy that is Now Offline is a drugstore that is no longer in the business of selling medications and my attempts to access it were in vain. I tried searching for independent testimonials but none were available as well. I opted to use the web archives to know more about the operations of and discovered that the earliest capture was in 2013 which could be the year it was established. It is claimed that all the products that were stocked had been approved by the World Health Organization and the FDA and the prices at which they were sold enabled their customers to save up to 90% on their medications.

The medications stocked were displayed into several groups based on the complication they would be used to treat. Some of these are Anti Alcohol, Weight loss, Hair Loss, Motion Sickness, Women’s Health, Gastrointestinal Tract, Cardiovascular Diseases, Muscle Relaxants, Penis Enlargement, Erectile dysfunction, Penis Enlargement, Birth Control, Blood Pressure, Men’s Health, Skin Care, Antifungals, Antiallergic, Cancer, General Health, Pain Relief, Men’s ED Packs, and Sleeping Aids, among others. No prescription was required to purchase any of the medications that in the above categories.

Looking at the homepage, I noted that the bestsellers were listed as well and some of them included Viagra which was sold at $0.36 per pill, Cialis which was sold at $0.88 per pill, Medrol, Viagra Super Active, Levitra, Amoxil, Cialis Professional, Cialis Super Active, Kamagra, Clomid, Doxycycline,. Propecia, Cytotec, ED Trial Packs, Female Viagra, Flaggy, Lasix, Priligy, Strattera, Zoloft, Cipro, Prednisone, and Diflucan, among others.

I looked into the erectile dysfunction category to know if the brand Viagra and the brand Cialis were in stock but none of them were available. It seems that customers have to buy the generic forms of ED medications or look for another online pharmacy to buy the brand drugs from.

The payment means that customers could choose from were Visa, MasterCard, Bitcoins, and eCheck. Customers were allowed to cancel their orders within 24 hours after the order was placed.

When sending the medications to the customers, the methods used were the trackable courier service where the delivery was done in 9 days or the international unregistered airmail service where the medications could take up to 21 days before they were delivered. The cost of the shipping was not indicated which leaves us guessing how much the customers had to pay for it.

If in the course of the shipping the medications were unaccounted for or damaged, customers were required to notify so that a refund can be issued or the medications reshipped. The notification was to be sent before the end of 6 months after the shipping of the drugs. If the medications were lost due to a mistake that a customer did when providing the shipping address, no compensation would be given for the loss.

To contact, the residents of the United States would use the number +19173832064 while those from CA used the number +16476941568. Customers could also use the contact form that had been provided on the homepage to send a message to the support team. The response to the message was sent via the email address that was provided when the message was provided. Reviews

I found some reviews from the customers that used to purchase medications from on their website which were positive. The customers were appreciating the great services they received when placing their orders and how effective the medications were.

Austin from Edinburgh had suffered from erectile dysfunction for two years and had almost given up on his sexual life. He ordered Cialis from and it changed his life. He was able to get and maintain an erection and everything went back to normal again.

Alonso says he was contented with the quality of the medications and the services from He adds that all his questions were addressed promptly and the right answers were given.

Robin from London purchased Viagra from and found it very effective. He recommends it to anyone suffering from erectile dysfunction and says that it will make them feel as though they were in their teenage days again.

Kelly from Colorado suffered from skin problems and found some medications on which were very cheap compared to the prices in other stores. She said that in 3 weeks, there was a notable difference and was assured of complete healing in a few more weeks.

Pharmacieenligne Reviews

The authenticity of reviews posted on the website cannot be verified as they could have been made up by people who are associated with Most of the online pharmacies post reviews that have been copied from other websites and it is not possible to know if this is the case with Reviews 2018

Since is no longer operational, it was not possible to find any current reviews. Only the blog posts can be accessed but since they were only meant to educate the cleints who used to buy medications from, they are irrelevant in this case. Coupon Codes

There were no offers that customers buying medications from would benefit from. This is unlike most of the online pharmacies who are always giving attractive offers to ensure that the customers keep coming back to buy from them.

However, looking at the prices of the products stocked by, it is notable that the prices are very low compared to what other online pharmacies sells similar products. Some of the customers said that the prices were half the price they used to pay other online pharmacies.

Conclusion was a drugstore that ceased to provide its services to their customers in March 2017. The prices of the medications were very low compared to what other online pharmacies sold similar medications which helped their customers to save more on their medications. Due to the lack of independent reviews, however, it is impossible to know if the products were of the right quality or if the delivery was made within the agreed time. Customers who used to rely on should look for another online drugstore to purchase their medications. If you will need help in choosing the right online drugstore, you can check out our list of Top Web Drugstores.

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