Onion Earache Remedies

Onion Earache Remedies

Commonly used in cooking, onions are useful in earache remedies also. It makes sense to always have some on hand, even if you don’t cook on a regular basis. Earaches are a common illness that occurs most frequently in children. It is important as a parent to know how to treat them and to have the necessary supplies on hand. Having a few onions available may save you a trip to the doctor and allow you to quickly alleviate the pain caused by the earache. Cook an onion with its skin on by either steaming or baking. Once it has softened, it can be used one of two ways.

The first is to mash it in a container. This will allow the juices to come out. You may want to add some water to help get the juices flowing. Use a dropper to extract some of the fluid from the container and then place a few drops in the affected ear. This should relieve the pain quickly as well as get rid of the earache. The second method is to cut the onion in half and, once it has cooled to body temperature, place the onion cut side against the outside of the ear, much like you would hold a conch shell. Hold the onion in place for at least five and up to twenty minutes. Make sure the onion is not too hot, though.

Raw onion juice may be used as ear drops as well. However, these can burn. It is best to dilute the juice with something like olive oil before placing drops in the ear. A raw onion can also be broken up and made into a poultice. Simply make a paste from the juice, warm the concoction and place it in a cloth. Then hold the cloth against the affected ear. Repeat this remedy for earache as needed. If the problem does not go away after a day or two, then it’s time to call the doctor.

Onions are an invaluable item to keep in your pantry. Store them in a cool, dry place in a net or mesh bag to keep them from going bad too quickly. When someone gets an earache, you will be able to quickly treat it before it gets worse. Being able to concoct earache remedies in your own home will help you avoid the hassle and expense of going to the doctor every time your child complains of ear pain.


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