Night-Tabs.Com Review – A Very Affordable but Untrustworthy Pharmacy Shut Down

Night-Tabs.Com Review – A Very Affordable but Untrustworthy Pharmacy Shut Down

Night Tabs was an online drugstore with an undisclosed physical location. This pharmacy is no longer operational. Its domain address has been captured by the security agencies under the claims that the pharmacy was running an illegal business and was participating in the trafficking of illegal medications. This is, of course, a lie. My research proved that the big pharma is behind the closing of online pharmacies which offer cheap medications. The major aim here is to make it impossible for people to get their meds at a cheap price so that their health complications can force them to pay for the extremely expensive pills sold in the local pharmacies. The big pharma has already lost a huge number of customers who have discovered that their meds are over 95% cheaper in the online pharmacies. stated on its copyright section that it was an affiliate marketing website. This means that the website was being used by a big internet pharmacy to get customers. The owning pharmacy was processing all orders made via Night Tabs and shipping the meds. The meds available on had already received approval from the FDA which means that taking them could have been safe. The store catalog was wide. Some of the meds available included mental disorder meds, hypertension drugs, cardiovascular medications, skin care, antiparasitic, asthma, diuretics, diabetes, and others.

The most popular medications on appeared to have been the ED pills. These were the most advertised pills. Checking the prices for these pills, I realized that the pharmacy had extremely cheap prices. For example, a pill of Generic Levitra was being sold at a price of only $1.75. Generic Viagra and generic Cialis cost $0.81 and $1.29 respectively. This is a significant price reduction from the 70 dollars local pharmacies sell brand Viagra and Cialis. did not have brand medications. It only carried generic meds. Most of the generic meds had their source in Indian pharmaceutical companies.

Night tabs did not require their buyers to go through the trouble of getting a prescription script before ordering medications on the store. The drugstore assumed the buyer already knew how to use the meds he or she had ordered. To pay for the medications, buyers were required to use credit cards only. I found this to be reasonable since it would keep buyers feeling safe since they can dispute their charges at any time.

After paying for their meds, buyers would expect the drugs to be delivered either via the Express International Mail or the Standard International Airmail. The later took approximately 10 to 21 and it was untrackable. The express method took 5 to 9 days and it was trackable. The pharmacy did not indicate the prices for shipping unless a buyer had already added his or her meds to the cart. This is because the shipping fees vary depending on a variety of factors including the location of the buyer and the number of purchased pills. was extremely easy to contact. The buyers could have used either a phone number or the live chat. The phone numbers that buyers could use included +1 646 205 2937, +1 866 417 5821 (US toll-free), +44 203 011 0298 (UK). Reviews

When I checked website captured on the web archives, I noticed that the pharmacy has a testimonials page. I checked this page and located some reviews. All of the testimonials were positive. I have captured a couple of the reviews below:

Night-tabs User Testimonials

Every reviewer above is happy. They report that they received quick help, the pills worked perfectly, and the drugs themselves were delivered fast. However, it is important to avoid trusting each and every testimonial you find online. I have come across numerous testimonials on a drugstore website which turned out to be fake. For this reason, it is extremely important to make sure that you only trust the reviews which a pharmacy cannot create or manipulate. These are usually available on third-party reviews collecting sites. Reviews 2018 did not have any 2018 reviews. However, I went ahead and searched the pharmacy using a domain scanning program. The program I used is The results I got were the opposite of the onsite testimonials carried on its site.

Scam Adviser could not determine whether the pharmacy has its location in the United States or Malaysia. had a safety rating of 67%. I found a review on scam adviser. I have captured it below:

Night-tabs User Comment

Justin reports that he had placed an order at He never received his order. The drugstore told him that the post office had attempted delivery but the package was returned. Night tabs failed to refund him or even re-ship the package. Justin was willing to pay the shipping fee again. Coupon Codes

Night-tabs Offers did not have any coupon codes. However, the pharmacy had some nice offers on its official website. I have captured the below:

Shoppers were being given free pills as samples. The drugstore was offering discounts depending on how many times a buyer had purchased his or her meds at 2nd-time buyers got a 5% discount while 5th-time buyers got an 8% discount.

Conclusion is a pharmacy that has been closed due to the result of a campaign to force people not to buy meds from online pharmacies. The drugstore was very affordable and had a wide catalog. However, the evidence available shows that this pharmacy had a very high likelihood of being rogue. The pharmacy has a single external testimonial that shows that it was not very reliable.

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