Blog Review – A Closed Overly-Expensive US-Based Pharmacy with Brand Meds Only Review – A Closed Overly-Expensive US-Based Pharmacy with Brand Meds Only was an online drugstore that focused on the sale of brand meds. I did not locate any generic medications on the website. When I tried loading Meds 4 You website, the pharmacy could not be loaded. The pharmacy had its physical location in the United States. had a huge catalog. Its catalog contained both FDA approved medications and meds which are considered to be controlled substances in most countries. Some of the controlled meds I found on the site include Tramadol and Soma. Other medications available on Meds 4 You catalog included allergy medication, anti-depressants, blood pressure pills, birth control drugs, antibiotics, skin care drugs, and others.

To determine whether the pharmacy was affordable, I decided to check the price of erectile dysfunction pills. A tablet of brand Viagra 100mg was being sold at a price of 41.33 dollars. Brand Cialis cost buyers 42 dollars while brand Levitra was worth 40.67 dollars per pill. This price was not affordable for the common man who was operating under a budget. The drugstore allowed its buyers to pay for their meds using credit cards only. The credit cards that the drugstore accepted included Mastercard and VISA. This was a great payment method since buyers could dispute any charges when failed to deliver the meds a buyer had ordered.

Meds 4 You was very quick when it came to the shipment and delivery of medications. The pharmacy was shipping all medications the next day via FedEx. Buyers did not need to pay for the shipping of their meds. All meds were being shipped for free. was not accepting any returns. The pharmacy explained this indicating that exchanging prescriptions was already prohibited by the FDA. Once medications had left the pharmacy and reached the buyer, they could not be sent back for a refund. The pharmacy only focused on shipping medications to people located in the United States. When the medications got delivered, required their customers to sign in order to show that the meds had been delivered safely. required their customers to have a prescription when ordering drugs. After placing an order, the order was being transmitted to the licensed physicians who worked with the pharmacy. These physicians would review the order and either approve it or decline it. The drugstore only shipped medications which got approved by their physicians.

Getting help from the customer support department appeared to have been extremely easy. The pharmacy had a live chat option. Also, the store had a toll-free phone number that buyers could have used to get any help they needed quickly. The number was 877 479 2455. Reviews

I searched for testimonials which could help me determine whether was worth a buyer’s time. I managed to locate its reviews on an external reviews site. I have captured these testimonials below:

Meds4you User Testimonial

The above reviewer reported that he had made an order at Meds4you pharmacy. After giving his credit card details on the website which even had an SSL encryption, his account got emptied after about a day. The 30 transactions which emptied his bank account originated from Korea. The reviewer reports that he managed to get his money back through his credit union. He never received the order he had placed at The pharmacy tried calling him and also sent him some refill reminders later.

Meds4you Review

The above reviewer says that out of curiosity he decided to call No one received his call. He only got to listen to a recorded script and then music. He was then prompted to leave a message.

The above reviews confirm that was not a good drugstore to buy meds from. The drugstore never delivered meds and they ignored phone calls. The first reviewer even had his credit card data stolen while purchasing meds on and someone in Korea stole his money. Based on these reviews, there is a very high likelihood that was a scam drugstore trying to make some quick money by ripping unsuspecting buyers off. Reviews 2018

I did not manage to locate any reviews written in 2018 for However, I checked Meds 4 You domain address on scam adviser in order to determine its reputation in 2018. I have captured the results I got below:

Meds4you Scam Adviser Report

The site appeared to have had a fairly high trust rating. However, for a drugstore that focuses on taking people’s money and delivering medications, a 70% safety rating is still low. I would advise any buyer sourcing his or her meds on the internet to use med stores which have a 100% safety rating. Coupon Codes

Despite Meds 4 You having high prices for all the meds available on its catalog, the store did not have any coupon codes. However, the web pharmacy had some offers. These included free shipping and a free online consultation. One of the ways buyers could have used to save their money while sourcing meds at was through buying drugs in bulk. The price for a pill reduced as the number of pills the buyer had purchased increased.

Conclusion is an online pharmacy that appears not to have a great reputation. One of the buyers sourced his meds from the pharmacy and his credit card got charged fraudulently from Korea. Since it is the only complaint it is too soon to put labels on the shop’s reputation. The pharmacy catalog had numerous meds. However, very few people could have afforded these meds. They were very expensive. only had brand medications. I would prefer an online pharmacy with both brand and generic medications since generic meds are usually cheaper.

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