Blog Review – ED Meds Online Pharmacy with Extremely High Prices Review – ED Meds Online Pharmacy with Extremely High Prices is an online pharmacy that has been in operation since 2000 which claims to provide customers with high-quality medications and exceptional services. Meda Meds is located in the United States and claims to be a real pharmacy that is operated by licensed pharmacists and a licensed doctor who will be responsible for the reviewing of all orders and approving those that will be processed and shipped to the customers. It is claimed that customers buying from will not get generic, expired, or fake medications when they place an order.

Meda Meds only deals with the sale of brand erectile dysfunction medications which included the Brand Viagra, Brand Levitra, and the Brand Cialis. There are also other erectile dysfunction medications that are in stock which include Generic Viagra, Sildenafil SR 55mg Capsules, Tadalafil SR 12mg Capsule, Cialis Daily Use, Sildenafil citrate Soft Tabs, Tadalafil soft Tabs, and Levitra 20mg. I checked the prices of some of the medications stocked and noted that the prices are very high. The brand Viagra, for instance, will be sold at $106.60 per pill which means that 10 tablets will cost $1066.00. I checked the cost of generic Viagra as well to know how much I would pay for a pill and I was shocked. A single pill will cost $53.25 which means that 10 pills will cost $995.00. Most customers turn to online pharmacies in an effort to look for a cheap source of medications. It means that Meda Meds does not offer this benefit and instead, charge customers a price that is almost 5 times more than the brand drug.

The accepted modes of payment are Credit Card or an eCheck. It has not been indicated what will happen if one wishes to cancel his order.

The shipping of medications will be done via USPS which will cost $18.95 per order, UPS second day delivery which will cost $28.60 or UPS next day delivery which will cost $45.60. Meda Meds claims that the medications are delivered in less than seven days and the delivery man ensures that the parcel gets to you personally. Though the delivery will be done to your doorstep and the pills will be very effective, the high shipping cost will make the cost of buying these medications online very high. There is no information on what will happen if customers fail to receive their orders or if the medications are damaged during the shipping.

Customers who have an issue that requires the attention of the customer service department are advised to make a call using the number 800-929-2699. There is also a contact number that customers can use to place their orders. There is also an option of sending a written message using the contact form that has been provided on the homepage. You will be required to provide an email address through which a response will be sent within the shortest possible time. There are other email addresses that have been provided for those who have questions that need the attention of a specific department at Some of these departments include Sales, Affiliates, Advertising, Information, and Webmaster. Reviews

There are no reviews concerning the services offered by either on their website or any independent review site. This is quite a mystery considering that they have been in operation since 2000. It is possible that the high price of the medications where a single generic pill will cost over $50 is the cause of the lack of customers. The choice of drugs stocked is also limited as they only deal with erectile dysfunction medications. Customers who want to buy all their medications in one pharmacy so that they can save on the shipping cost will prefer to look for another online pharmacy. Reviews 2018

There are no recent reviews about Meda Meds on any review site or on their website. This makes it hard to know if the medications sold are of high quality and whether the delivery is done within the agreed time. The information provided especially on the pricing of the medications and the shipping cost is also complicated and one is only able to know the cost of the medications after clicking the order button.

All the customers who purchase medications from them are promised a lot of benefits though there is no way we can prove that fulfills its promise to the customers. There are reports that has a virus which means that all customers who log into their website will be at risk of having their electronic gadgets infected with the virus. Coupon Codes

There are no discounts that customers buying from Meda Meds will benefit from when purchasing medications. Contrary to what other online do by selling their medications at a lower price and offering free shipping for bulk orders, charges a high price for the shipping and the prices of the erectile dysfunction medications is very high. Instead of customers spending less by buying online, he will spend more and in addition, wait for as long as 7 days for the delivery of the medications.

Conclusion is an online pharmacy that claims to sell brand medications that will be used to effectively treat erectile dysfunction complications. The best selling ED medications are sourced from major drug manufacturers like Pfizer, Bayer Pharmaceuticals, and Lilly. No prescription will be required to purchase any of these medications and all a customer has to do is to fill in a form that the doctor at Meda Meds will use to determine if you need the erectile dysfunction medications. The form will also be used to gather information on other medications that you may be taking. All the medications stocked are sold at a very high price with most of the pills selling at over $50 including the generic Viagra that will cost slightly over $3 in most online pharmacies. The lack of reviews for all the years that has been in operation makes it impossible to know if this is a legitimate online pharmacy or a scam.

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