Blog Review – Could’ve Been a Good Online Source of Meds Review – Could’ve Been a Good Online Source of Meds is an online pharmacy that started out in business back in the year 2011 but seemed to close down in the year 2016. In total, it had 5 years in the service of selling medicines to its customers on the web. The reason why it has closed down is because FDA has shut it down due to the campaign of the large pharma companies to protect their high medicine prices. has cheap prices for its meds and it’s just unfortunate that it is no longer accessible.

Unlike the local drugstores and other online pharmacies, the majority of the selection that has is composed of medicines which are used by males. A large portion of its small assortment of drugs is dedicated to medicines for the treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED). The drugs that it sells are not branded ones but are only generics, providing its clients the opportunity to save money while buying large quantities of the medicines that they need. Compared to the branded ED drugs which are sold at the local pharmacies, the price that has for its generic ED meds is so much lower. A single pill of its ED med can be bought for as low as $2.08 USD per pill. The price of these generic ED drugs at the local pharmacies cost so much more and have prices that range from $70 to $90 USD. In reducing its customers’ expenditures by more than 95%, has effectively helped its customers save big.

The ED meds which are sold by are the generics of Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra, the three most popular ED brands in the market today. did not limit its generics to the basic hard pill form versions of these drugs but they have also introduced variants which have a better onset of effect to their customers such as oral jellies and soft tablets. Compared to the standard hard pills, these ED generics are not swallowed but are allowed to dissolve in the mouth. These variants take effect for as quick as 15 to 20 minutes, 40 minutes faster than the standard pills.

Other than ED medications, also sold Lasix, a drug which is used for the controlling mild to moderate high blood pressure. This drug is also used for the treating fluid retention that occurs in people with congestive heart failure and disorders in the kidney, liver, and the lungs. also sold Xenical, a drug which is used for helping people lose weight. The drug Priligy can also be found in the selection of, a drug which is used by men to treat a condition known as premature ejaculation (PE). Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) conversion preventing drugs like Propecia and Proscar are also included on the list of medicines sold by Propecia is used for treating male pattern hair loss while Proscar is used by males who have benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) or enlargement of the prostate. Other than these medicines mentioned, there are no other drugs at’s selection. They only focused on these drugs since these are among the most on-demand medicines needed by most people.

No prescriptions are required in purchasing at Almost all of its products are prescription drugs but they don’t oblige their clients to provide scripts when they purchase. Buyers can immediately proceed to the checkout page after selecting the meds that they want to buy and pay for them. In shipping its customers’ orders, only uses First-class Mail Delivery which only takes 5 to 7 days. The delivery charge for First-class Mail is only $35 USD and on the event that the orders fail to arrive or the orders arrive in a bad condition, the customers of can request a refund or a free reshipment which will be processed immediately upon their request. Reviews

A client of named Dave received an email from the site which was in form of a survey and that’s what he has written down as a review for the site. The first question on the email survey is asking if he received the medication shipment as he ordered. Dave answered the question as yes and he also added that he was impressed with the speed of the deliveries which was only 3 days. The next question was asking if the medications that he has ordered met his expectations. His answer to this is also a yes, and he also adds that he was impressed overall with’s quality meds and the ease that he experienced in placing his orders.

Md-u User Reviews

The review that the customer named Steve gave was about how he was pleased with the way the generic Viagra he ordered worked for him. He successfully achieved his desired results and his performance anxiety was also eliminated.

Kieran, a customer or, only wanted to thank the store for its prompt and efficient service. His orders arrived early to his delight and he never had to wait long before he was able to use the medications that he has purchased.

The reviews for are from within its website and we can never tell if these are indeed genuine customer-given testimonials as these could’ve been just faked by the site to make itself look good. No third-party reviews are available anymore for the site which means that there’s no way for us to verify if these customer comments are indeed true. Reviews 2018

There are no more reviews available for except those that were on its site before and those reviews are already more than 5 years ago. The site of can no longer be accessed and the only way to find those reviews that were mentioned a while ago is through looking for it on the web archives. Customers who wish to purchase meds from can no longer do so and they should look for a different medicine source on the web. Coupon Codes

Md-u Reorder Discount

Other than the 5% discount on all reorders, doesn’t have any other discounts available to its customers.

Unlike other online pharmacies that offer free bonus pills and free shipping, this is the only offer given by But 5% is 5%, and it’s still a considerable amount of discount especially when the customers make large purchases. And since the prices that are offered by are already low, buyers have very little need for discounts.


It’s regrettable that is already closed since it could’ve been a good online source of meds because of its good prices and possible quality drugs. Though limited, its selection is made up of commonly-bought drugs which makes it easier for customers to buy the medicines that they need. It also requires its customers no prescriptions, making it easier for them to purchase their drugs. But since the site is no longer available, customers can just visit our top list of recommended providers.

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