Blog Review: UK’s Newest Online Drugstore Review: UK’s Newest Online Drugstore is a new online drugstore that is based in England. It is an extension of a local drugstore operating in England and Wales. Their registered office is at 39 Carrington Field Street, Stockport, SK1 3JN.

Lloydspharmacy is run by licensed pharmacists with certifications from the General Pharmaceutical Council. The head of their team is licensed pharmacists Steve Howard. He is a BScPharm degree holder and can be reached via LloydsPharmacy Limited, Sapphire Court, Walsgrave Triangle, Coventry, CV2, 2TX.

This internet drugstore offers prescription and generic medicines. They also offer online consultation in case you need an Rx medicine but does not have a prescription at the moment. Among the medicines they offer are drugs for hair loss, sexual health, weight loss, vitamins and supplements, skin care, beauty and fragrance, and health and well-being. They also offer pet care medicines.

It is not indicated on their website if the medicines offered by LloydsPharmacy are not US FDA approved. However, the medicines offered by this e-store are National Health Service (NHS) approved. NHS is the equivalent of FDA in the UK.

Lloydspharmacy offers sexual health products such as lubricants, STI test kits, contraceptives, and erectile dysfunction medicines. For erectile dysfunction, the only medicine they offer is Viagra. The brand of Viagra they offer is Viagra Connect and it costs £19.99 for a pack of 4 (50 mg). They only offer 50 mg Viagra Connect. On their website, they also mentioned that Viagra Connect is now available to all ED patients even without a prescription.

Ordering from Lloydspharmacy is easy. You just have to choose the medicine you need, proceed with the checkout, answer the questionnaire before the checkout and then input your delivery address. This e-store ships within the UK only. For payment, you can pay with a credit card or cash on delivery. You can also have the option to pick up your order from the nearest local Lloydspharmacy in your area. If your order is an NHS prescription medicine, your medicine will be delivered free. All orders above £35 are also eligible for free delivery. Reviews

Lloydspharmacy is a known local drugstore in the UK and Wales. They decided to widen their market by putting up an online store. With, they can now serve more customers and make it easier for people to order their medicines. As a pharmacy, how is Lloydspharmacy in terms of reliability as a drugstore? Here are some of the stories we found from the customers of Lloydspharmacy.

Lloydspharmacy Reviews

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The first story we found was shared by Janie who gave it a 5-star rating. According to Janie, she has been ordering her prescription from the website of Based on Janie’s experience, the phone support team of are extremely helpful and they even called her to make a follow-up. Her medicine was delivered free of charge which made her admire the store more. She is now recommending to her friends.

Another customer review that we found for was from Molly. Molly also gave a rating of 5 saying that the customer service team of this e-store is extremely helpful. Because of the great experience she had with the support team, Molly said that she will continue using for her medical needs. Reviews 2018

For this year, we found a new customer review for and we are surprised to see another 5-star rating.

Lloydspharmacy Reviews 2018

The review that was shared by Drewllan says that the staff of Lloydspharmacy are friendly and reliable. They are helpful and whenever there is an issue with his order, they are always ready and willing to help.

Another new review we found for Lloydspharmacy was shared by Bob. Bob is a customer of the local Lloydspharmacy store in Shaw and he just wants to say they have an amazing staff that works for them. Bob added that they are always smiling and give off an atmosphere that wants to help. Bob gave the store a 5-star rating as well.

Lloydspharmacy Reviews 2018

Lloydspharmacy has been operating as a local drugstore for years now and as an e-dispensary for a few months. Still, both reviews for their local drugstores and online store are positive and awe-inspiring. Coupon Codes

Lloydspharmacy Coupon Codes

Lloydspharmacy offers coupon codes to their online customers. This could be their way of enticing new customers. A few clicks on the internet gave us three coupon codes that consumers can readily use.

The first one code was for a 12% discount while the second one was for a 10% discount. The third coupon code gives up to 50% off discount. We are unable to test these coupon codes if they work and we are unable to find any proof that they do work. Still, it would be great to use these codes in case you want to try Lloydspharmacy.


Lloydspharmacy is a British online pharmacy with different local pharmacy branches in the UK and in Wales. It is unclear as to when they started operating as a local drugstore. This drugstore offers prescription medicines and if you order NHS prescription medicines, you can get your order delivered free.

Lloydspharmacy has an online consultation in case you need to order an Rx medicine. They also have a questionnaire that you need to answer as a part of the ordering process. If your answers reveal that the medicine is not suited for you, you will not be able to process your order. This is Lloydspharmacy’s way of ensuring that medicines dispensed from their shelves are medicines needed by their customers.

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