Blog – Closed Web Drugstore with Very Limited Online Info – Closed Web Drugstore with Very Limited Online Info represents yet another suspended and forcibly closed down website. To be able to gather data for this store even beyond its closure, I decided to look for information on the internet archive. Although I was able to find details for Legal Online Pharmacy, the store had very limited information on the platform, which made it somewhat difficult for me to get a clearer picture of Legal Online Pharmacy while it was still online.

The store Legal Online Pharmacy did not have an about page and did not disclose general details such as its location or at least its inception date. However, the store has a copyright date that states “2004”, which somewhat indicates its start date, although this contradicts the records available for the store – the shop’s earliest records were merely from 2010. Nevertheless, regardless of Legal Online Pharmacy’s start date, the store is still dubious considering its almost non-existent popularity online. Legal Online Pharmacy did not have reviews and did not have customer comments whether on-site or on other web platforms. This was rather disappointing and throws shade at Legal Online Pharmacy’s reliability considering most benign online stores are able to have a good amount of web reviews either from on-site or on third-party platforms.

Included in what little I deduced from Legal Online Pharmacy’s available information, the store was not actually a pharmacy, but a prescription service that linked buyers to allegedly legitimate ground drugstores. According to Legal Online Pharmacy, it offered a “wide selection” of medicines without prescriptions (even the notorious Rx-only ones). The shop purportedly accomplishes this by teaming up with US licensed ground drugstores and pharmacists.

Products found on Legal Online Pharmacy include medicines for weight loss, heart health, blood pressure, depression, gastric problems, and many more. Since the shop’s other segments (like the FAQ and policies sections) were already inaccessible and had no archived data, I was unable to discover if the items on Legal Online Pharmacy were approved by the FDA. However, judging from the examples on the website, the store only sold generic items, which equated to unapproved (or not yet evaluated) by the US FDA.

As for the payments, the consumers were allowed to pay for their orders using their VISA and MasterCard debit and credit cards and also E-checks. I failed to unearth the shipping fees charged by Legal Online Pharmacy due to its lack of information online. Reviews

Legal Online Pharmacy did not have on-site customer reviews so I searched for available web reviews using search engines. Unfortunately, I was unable to find buyer testimonials or at least discussions about Legal Online Pharmacy on the web review sites or forum platforms.

It is not actually new that online drugstores are without reviews. However, I still had to try to look for buyer testimonials for Legal Online Pharmacy to be able to at least gain insight into its past performance. However, since the store is now offline and stands without reviews, I can only speculate that the shop failed to keep its consumers and failed to at least keep its domain. There are plenty of reasons for this, but in Legal Online Pharmacy’s case, it may have neglected to pay for its domain address, hence the seizure of its website by the hosting company.

If ever Legal Online Pharmacy has offered good service in the past, it’s not evident online since there were no consumers willing to write excellent reports about this website on any platform. Reviews 2018

The store was closed for years, as its latest data from the web archive was in 2011. I can’t expect the shop to have 2018 reviews considering it has been closed for more than 5 years. However, I still ran the website through a domain checking platform to evaluate what remained of this website:

Legal Online Pharmacy Scamner Result
Legal Online Pharmacy Scamner Result

According to Scamner, the platform I used to check up on Legal Online Pharmacy, the store had a zero percent trust score because of its poor reliability. More details on Scamner also indicate that Legal Online Pharmacy did not have any SSL certificate, which means that it compromised the buyers who used the platform for purchases.

Besides this, Legal Online Pharmacy was also identified as s spam site, which made it very untrustworthy. However, on the flip side, Legal Online Pharmacy has not yet been reported as an unsafe by Google. Coupon Codes

Legal Online Pharmacy did not have coupon offers – at least when I checked the store’s details on the web archive. Legal Online Pharmacy did not also have offers of free shipping or freebie pills for the consumers but instead offered increasing discounts to buyers with increasing orders on the platform (this was actually very common at web pharmacies).

Customers typically expect good deals at online drugstores, so Legal Online Pharmacy not having some may have hurt its chances of gaining past patrons.


Legal Online Pharmacy did not look too legal and based on its service history, it was unsuccessful in retaining its service and had to close a few years into service. I can’t confirm if this shop was reliable or not, considering the very limited details available for this online platform. However, since Legal Online Pharmacy is closed, I think it would be best if you consider using “open” reliable stores like the ones included on our roster of TOP Website Pharmacies today.

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