Blog Review: Serving Customers Wherever You Are Review: Serving Customers Wherever You Are is an international fulfillment center that serves more than 150 countries worldwide. It is based in Nicosia yet their medicines are from licensed pharmaceutical companies and pharmacies around the globe. Their partner pharmacies and pharma houses where their medicines are coming from are located in Singapore, India, Europe, and the US. Their known partners are Novartis, Lilly, Cipla, GSK, Pfizer, Ranbaxy, Dr. Reddy’s, Piramal, and AstraZeneca.

For their offers, IDM offers to refill any prescription and over the counter orders. Among the medicines they offer are in anticancer treatment medicines, child care drugs, pain relievers, cold and flu drugs, diet and fitness, antiseptics, surgical products, herbal and natural products, skin and personal care products, oral care, and glucose monitor products. They also offer men and women products and under their erectile dysfunction category, they have 54 brands of ED drug to offer.

Among the ED brands they offer are generic Tadalafil, Intagra, Levitra, Silagra, Avigra, Suhagra, Viagra, Zenegra, Vardenafil, Tadalista, and Revatio. A pack of 10 of generic Viagra costs $30.88 while Suhagra costs $43.56 (a pack of 12). They also offer Cialis for $44.43 for a pack of 8.

It is not indicated on their FAQ page if the medicines offered by IDM are FDA approved. This e-store follows the FDA regulation though in terms of purchasing medicines allowing a maximum order that is equivalent to a 90-day supply.

Credit and debit cards are the modes of payment that is currently accepted by For their customers’ protection, they are using an encryption system to ensure that your card information remains secure. All orders come with invoice and receipt in case you need it for refund purposes as IDM does not accept insurance plans to cover your medication fees.

All orders come with a regular $12.99 shipping fee. If your order is above $80, your shipping fee is reduced to $9.99. Delivery time depends on your location or delivery address. For more information about the products or service offered by IDM, you can contact 1866-419-7475.

For damaged or lost deliveries, you can contact the support team of International Drug Mart and they will take care of your issue. Reviews

For a 15-year old online pharmacy and fulfillment center like International Drug Mart, we assume that they have plenty of good customer reviews and we are not mistaken. A quick Google search gave us tons of reviews and here are some.

Internationaldrugmart Reviews

Jerry Kasch awarded a 5-star rating to IDM because he had been using them for the last three years and he never had an issue. Jerry has been ordering his heart medications from IDM and since although it is not covered by his health insurance, the price of medicines offered by IDM still allow him to save. Jerry added that IDM exceeded his expectations.

Larry M is also a verified user of IDM and he gave it a 5-star rating because he is a loyal customer. Larry never had any issues ordering and receiving his medicine from International Drug Mart and as far as price is concerned, he said this is the best online.

Jerry and Larry are loyal customers of IDM hence we are not surprised to see their good reviews for this e-store. Reviews 2018

As one of the top internet drugstores on the World Wide Web, we believe that IDM has to sustain its good reputation and great customer feedbacks. We are surprised to see that this 2018, they still have great customer reviews such as the following.

Internationaldrugmart Reviews 2018

Bill and Davina just used IDM for their prescription refill and they both gave this e-dispensary a 5-star rating. Bill said that he has been a long time IDM customer because of the site’s reliability and good service. He added that he was never afraid of giving his credit card information every time he makes a purchase. So far, his credit card information remains private. As for Davina, receiving her breast pills in 16 days was such a great experience from an international online pharmacy.

For its continuous reliability as an internet drugstore, it is no wonder that IDM remains to be one of the strongest competitors among online pharmacies. Coupon Codes

Internationaldrugmart Coupon Codes

Aside from offering affordable medicines, is also offering coupon codes that customers can use when refilling their prescription online. Two of the coupon gives 10% off or up to $70 off while the third coupon code gives up to 15% off on allergy supplements.

These coupon codes can be used on all orders except for the ‘allergy supplement coupon code.’

To use it, you should click on ‘reveal code’ and input the code on the ‘voucher code’. The voucher box or coupon code box can be found on the checkout page. Once applied, it will automatically deduct the amount to your total bill.

Conclusion or IDM serves more than 150 countries. Their logistics are located in Singapore and India but their main office is operating from Nicosia. According to their website, they are receiving and fulfilling more than 45,000 orders every month.

With partners from known pharmaceutical companies, IDM is 100% sure that the medicines they are providing their customers are the best ones. With a direct partnership with these pharmaceutical companies, they are also procuring these drugs at the lowest price possible. This is the reason why IDM is able to offer their products at a friendly price.

If you are looking for an international pharmacy or fulfillment center to refill your prescription online, don’t forget to check International Drug Mart and their offers. Based on numbers of customers who ordered from them for the last 15 years, they are dependable!

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