Blog Review – An Old Pharmacy with Few Positive and Negative Testimonials Review – An Old Pharmacy with Few Positive and Negative Testimonials is one of the few online pharmacies that has its base in Vanuatu South Pacific Ocean. This drugstore appeared to be one of the earliest online pharmacies worldwide. In House Pharmacy dates back to 1996 when it was established. The pharmacy website was not fancy. It appeared easy to use.

After browsing through the drugstore for a while, I could not locate any non-FDA approved medications. The pharmacy only stocked meds which had been approved by the Food Drugs Association. The pharmacy has a wide catalog that includes diabetes medication, Arthritis meds, HIV, cancer drugs, contraceptives, eye medication, hair loss medication, skin care medication, and more.

When I checked the pharmacy catalog to see whether they stocked erectile dysfunction medication, I noticed they had numerous drugs for treating this condition. I checked the price for both brand Levitra and generic Viagra. I realized that the brand solutions were more expensive than the generic solutions. Brand Levitra would cost the buyer $25.88 per pill. The price for a pill of generic Viagra is $1.39.

If you are placing an order at the pharmacy, you will have the ability to pay quite easily. The drugstore offers numerous payment methods. These include E-checks, bitcoins, wire transfer, debit cards, and credit cards. The accepted credit cards include VISA card and Mastercard.

This pharmacy usually ships medication within a period of 24 hours after an order has been placed. All the packages have a tracking number which makes it easier for the buyer to know where the package is at all times during the delivery process. Depending on where you reside, your medications may take between 7 to 28 days. I could not locate any information on the pharmacy website which could help me determine the shipping cost their customers would incur.

In House Pharmacy was very clear about their refund policy. The drugstore agreed that they would refund all your money if you sent the products you received unused and with the package still intact. You will have to contact the pharmacy within a period of 8 weeks since the date you received your package for you to be eligible to get a refund.

The pharmacy lacks a live chat option. This can be an inconvenience for someone who is trying to get help while ordering his or her medication. Also, the pharmacy only offers customer service during their operating hours. The phone number you can use to reach the drugstore is 877 271 6591. Review

The fact that In-House Pharmacy has been offering its services since 1996 shows that there is a possibility that the drugstore offers quality services. I was expecting that I would locate a large number of customer testimonials left by the drugstore customers. However, after searching the web for a long time, I only managed to locate several reviews on third-party forums. The reviews contained mixed reactions. I have captured one of the reviews I found on Reddit below:

Inhousepharmacy Testimonial

The above Redditor wanted to know whether anyone had ordered their medications through and gotten them. He says that he had placed an order and he was yet to receive his package. After 5 weeks had passed, he contacted the drugstore and asked them what had happened to his package. He got a prompt reply. He says that the pharmacy customer support department is great. However, he does not see how it will help if the pharmacy support department is great but the products never arrive. He even regrets having chosen the reshipping instead of a refund. Reviews 2018

I decided to look for reviews which had been left more recently by the men and women who sourced their medications at I only managed to find one testimonial which had been left by one reviewer back in 2017. This time, the testimonial was positive. I have captured this review below:

Inhousepharmacy Recent Customer Feedback

The above reviewer says that it is his second time ordering from He seems extremely happy as he announces that his second order had arrived. He says that he got great customer service from pharmacy representatives. He says that he did not check his package when it got delivered to him. The customer service team contacted him again and informed him that they had shipped his order partially and that they would be shipping the rest of the pills for free. He was really happy that the drugstore had remedied the situation even without him having to contact them first. The rest of the order was sent and he had just gotten it when he was writing the review.

The above reviews prove that there is a possibility will offer you high-quality services. The pharmacy even shipped a remaining order for one of their customers even before he asked for it. Also, it is worth noting that one of their customers was not happy. He said that he had not received his order. Coupon Codes

The pharmacy did not have promo codes online on third-party coupon sites. However, the drugstore had an offer on the main website. I have captured the offer below:

Inhousepharmacy Offer

The above offer can only be enjoyed by buyers who are willing to pay for their medications using bitcoin. When you pay using bitcoin, you will only need to pay 90% of the price of the medications you had purchased.

Conclusion is a pharmacy that has mixed reactions from its customers. The drugstore has been online for over 2 decades. The fact that the drugstore did not have a lot of reviews even after having been online for all this time was quite surprising to me. appeared to have nice prices but it’s possible to encounter shipping issues. For example, the drugstore was selling a pill of generic Viagra for less than 2 dollars. The drugstore had a big catalog. This would make it easy for buyers to get everything they needed.

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