How Crystal Meth Ruins the Skin

How Crystal Meth Ruins the Skin

Everyone has heard (or often times seen) the effects that the street drug hardcore drug crystal meth ruins lives. It also happens to completely ruin something that many meth addicts previously treasured in their appearance before they got hooked on the ridiculously destructive drug – their skin.

Crystal meth literally just ruins the skin, eating it away and making it break out in horrible acne and boils.  Meth heads are pretty identifiable because they usually have rotting teeth and their skin tends to match that, looking as if something is eating it from the inside out.  It’s very upsetting to see for sure, and it’s just one of the awful effects of this toxic and lethal drug.

Why Does Meth Destroy the Skin? There are actually quite a combination of reasons that crystal meth completely ruins your skin.  First off, it dehydrates the body and pulls moisture out of the skin which triggers more sebum to produce, which causes more attraction of acne-causing bacteria to these fly traps that are allover the skin with excessive oil production.

There is also a theory that meth usage interferes with your body’s natural ability to defend against bacteria. Therefore, it can invade the skin more easily and cause cystic acne and other skin sores that appear very serious, bordering on disfiguring.

Meth users often will think that there are bugs crawling allover them, or even underneath their skin. They will often pick and pick at their skin, especially the skin on their face until they have destroyed it even more.

Crystal meth is also highly toxic to the immune system, the skin in general and the body’s organs.  People’s teeth many times fall right out of their mouth and rot from taking crystal meth all the time.  It totally ruins hormones, and the huge instant dopamine rushes it provides to get people high result in a permanent loss of the ability to feel pleasure in some former addicts.

It is a very sad drug, and one of the most dangerous out on the street today.  Not only does it totally ruin your skin, it ruins lives, making people into shadows of their former selves. They need to use more and more of the drug as they keep using to get the same euphoric results, so it is very addictive.


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