Blog Review – Seized by Europol Online Pharmacy Review – Seized by Europol Online Pharmacy was one of the online pharmacies that is no longer operating after the Europol has seized it. Seized it means that the website was shut down and all information is no longer obtainable. has been seized by Europol’s Operation in Our Sites – TransAtlantic VIII.

Since was seized by Europol, we are unable to get any information about this e-store. The only thing that you can see on their website is the banner from Europol stating that the domain had been seized due to selling counterfeit goods. We checked the web archived and all saved pages had been changed to the same Europol warning.

Among the basic information we gathered from a third-party source includes:

  • operated from 2005 to 2012
  • accepted Visa, MasterCard, Amex, and Bitcoin for payment
  • offered Standard Mail and Courier Service for delivery
  • Their delivery time can take up 21 days for Standard Mail and up to 9 days for Courier
  • offered worldwide shipping
  • offered generic and branded medicines
  • Their contact information were 1800 532 4808, 1718 313 1498, and 44 200 222 7084

What is Europol’s Operation in Our Sites – TransAtlantic VIII?

Europol’s Operation in Our Sites – TransAtlantic VIII is a project maintained by different force agencies from different countries. The idea of having this operation came from the National Intellectual Property Rights Coordination Center, which is also managed by the Homeland Security Investigations (HSI). This group views illegal online pharmacies as an avenue for dispensing counterfeit products like medicines.

Despite their explanation that they are tracking illegal pharmacies to show, that they care about the people. However, there are some groups saying that cracking online pharmacies is a way for large pharmaceutical companies to keep their control of the drug market. Because of low-cost generic medications that most online pharmacies are offering, the sales of big pharmaceutical companies are slowly sliding down. In fact, in 2000, Pfizer’s Viagra was one of the best-selling erectile dysfunction medicine with more than a million sales making each year. With the introduction of generic erectile dysfunction medicines from India and the accessibility provided by the online pharmacy, the sale of Pfizer’s Viagra has dwindled to a few hundred per year.

How does Operation in Our Sites – TransAtlantic VIII work? On the website of HSI, it shows that when the agency finds an illegal online pharmacy, they will obtain a seizure warrant from a judge. With a federal seizure warrant, they will then seize the domain. All visitors to the website will then redirected to the seizure notice. They seize international websites that are violating the US federal law of intellectual property rights and selling counterfeit products as well as those that are doing the same thing in Europe and in some parts of the world. It means that they are more watchful to online pharmacies serving European and US customers.

The team of Operation in Our Sites has more than 17 international agencies hence they cover international online pharmacies. Reviews

Finding a third-party customer review for this e-dispensary was a real challenge and when we found none after checking all possible sources, we decided to check their own testimonial page. Here are some of the reviews we found from their own review page.

Half-price-pharmacy Reviews

We found some testimonies from customers named David, Mark, Mike, DN, and Brian.

David shared how happy he was with the effect of the pill he ordered from half-price. He even said that he felt 18 again and that his wife was really happy with the result. In the end, he even added that he will be ordering again.

As for Mark, he shared that his pills arrived on time and that his wife was happy with it too. Mark even shared that the entire bedroom was happy with the effect of the pills he ordered. The same experience was shared by Mike who said that his order arrived on time and that he was impressed with it.

Another review was shared by DN who was also happy not just with the product but with the service he received from the store. Lastly, Brian said it only took him 7 days to wait for his order and because of their excellent service, he recommended this e-store to his friends.

Because these testimonies were from the testimonial page of half-price-pharmacy own site, we are no longer surprised to see only positive reviews and feedbacks which can be mostly or written only to entice consumers into trying this online pharmacy. Reviews 2018

According to the information we found, operated until 2012. This means that they do not have 2018 reviews. Coupon Codes

Half-price-pharmacy Promos coupon codes are no longer obtainable if they even offered one during their run. We successfully found some perks they offered though.

They offered two perks and these were a money back guarantee shopping and secure shipping. This was aside from the fact that they already offered low-priced medications.

Conclusion was just one of the many online pharmacies that the Europol and the ICE have seized. A quick visit to their domain redirected us to the seizure notice from the Operation In Our Sites. As an online consumer, we appreciate the fact that the agency is doing this to ensure that all online pharmacies are legal and are selling genuine medicines. What we cannot understand though was the fact that they are not leaving any explanation as to why a specific website is being shut down. In the case of, they were shut down for selling counterfeit medicines yet the Operation In Our Sites didn’t present any evidence to prove it.

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