Blog Review – A Probably Unsafe Pharmacy with Hidden Location Review – A Probably Unsafe Pharmacy with Hidden Location is a drugstore whose physical location I could not determine. According to the date included on the drugstore copyright section, the pharmacy appears to have been around since the year 2014. However, the drugstore FAQ page indicates the pharmacy has been in operation for over 12 years now. The pharmacy offers medications which have already been examined and approved by the FDA. The pharmacy does have a huge catalog. Its catalog contains medications such as weight loss medications, skin care products, pain relief medication, sleeping aid, erectile dysfunction medication, anti-acidity, asthma medication, and others.

Getting medications at is easy. Most of the medications do not require the buyer to get a prescription first before ordering. However, some of the meds do require a valid prescription script. If a medication does require a prescription script, the buyer is requested to send it within a period of 15 days since the day the order was placed. is affordable. I checked the price of ED medication which appeared to be popular on the pharmacy website. What I noticed is that no brand erectile dysfunction medications were available on the drugstore. However, the generic impotence medications available are over 90% cheaper than the local pharmacy brand medication. A pill of generic Viagra is worth $0.88. Generic Cialis will cost males who prefer using long-lasting tadalafil $1.11 for a pill. Generic Levitra is worth $1.80. The medications being sold at are not the cheapest. Someone looking to save more money can find cheaper online pharmacies.

The drugstore accepts credit cards as the only payment method. I did not like the fact that the drugstore limited buyers into using Visa and Mastercard to pay for their medications. It would be much better if the drugstore would allow buyers to pay for their meds using more credit cards. Payments via credit cards are always safer since buyers always get to dispute their charges if they discover they are being conned. ships medication worldwide. There are two methods of shipping. These are the express courier and the Registered airmail. The express courier delivery is much quicker as it delivers medications after approximately 7 to 12 days. The shipping method has a tracking method which can be used after about 2 to 3 business days since the day when the shipping was commenced. This method will cost buyers $29.95. The Airmail shipping method does not have a tracking number and it takes approximately 12 to 20 days. The method will cost buyers $14.95.

The drugstore guarantees that all orders shipped from the drugstore will be delivered within a period that does not exceed 21 days. If an order fails to reach the buyer within this period of time, the drugstore will re-ship or refund the order. Canceling orders at is possible. Buyers, however, have to cancel their orders within a period of 6 hours since when they placed the order. If the order has already been processed, canceling it will be impossible. does not accept medication returns. However, if the buyer did receive the wrong product or damaged product, the pharmacy advises the buyer to contact their customer support department for help. Contacting is possible via a mobile phone number. The number to use is +1 855 427 7780. Reviews

I tried to locate any testimonials written by buyers who have already sourced their medications at but I could not find any. The drugstore itself does not have onsite testimonials. High-quality pharmacies usually have reviews. These are usually available on third-party review-collecting websites. Some pharmacies fake their own reviews and place them on their own websites to fool customers. It is not advisable to trust onsite testimonials. I did use an alternative way to determine whether does have a good reputation. I used scam adviser to scan Here are the results I got:

Generic-express Scam Adviser Report

The drugstore appears to have its location in either Netherlands or China. The program could not determine the drugstore exact location. High-quality pharmacies do not hide their exact physical location. The drugstore has a safety rating of 17%. This means that is far too risky to use. The drugstore is rarely visited. High-quality pharmacies usually have a large number of customers who visit them every now and then. Reviews 2018 still does not have any 2018 reviews. I had to use another program to scan the pharmacy. The program I used this time is The report says that there is a high likelihood that may not deal in good faith. Care should be taken when using the store. Coupon Codes

I could not locate any coupon codes for However, the drugstore did have some nice offers especially when customers purchased their medication in bulk. Here are the offers:

Generic-express Offers

When a buyer purchases more than 60 pills or sachets, the drugstore offers him or her 10 free Viagra pills. When the buyer buys medications worth more than 200 dollars Generic Express will cover the airmail shipping. If the buyer purchases medications worth more than 300 dollars, the drugs will be delivered for free via the express shipping. The price of each pill decreases as the buyer increases the number of pills that he or she has ordered.

Conclusion appears to be not a drugstore I could recommend to my readers. The pharmacy has no testimonials to give us a proof that it can be trusted. The programs I have used to scan the pharmacy domain address have identified it as a pharmacy that buyers should be careful about even though the pharmacy has nice payment options and affordable prices.

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