Blog Review – A Closed Pharmacy with Cheap Meds and an Average Trust Rating Review – A Closed Pharmacy with Cheap Meds and an Average Trust Rating was an online drugstore that focused on offering cheap medications. When I tried accessing the drugstore website, I found that the drugstore is currently offline. I could not determine the drugstore physical location and when it was founded since this information was not available on the drugstore website captured on the web archives. The pharmacy was only focusing on offering medications which have been approved by the Food and Drug Association (FDA). This means sourcing meds from could have been safe. I could not locate even a single controlled medication on the drugstore catalog.

The pharmacy had a wide catalog. It carried a medication for almost every major health complication. The health complications whose solutions were available on the drugstore included Diabetes, Erectile dysfunction, blood pressure, HIV, hair loss, Asthma, cancer, cholesterol, motion sickness and others. The ED medications appeared to have been the most popular medications on this site. This is unsurprising since these meds are the most popular on the majority of online pharmacies.

To gauge whether the pharmacy was affordable, I decided to check the price of the ED pills. I found the price to have been very affordable. The store was offering both brand and generic ED pills. A pill of generic Viagra was worth 0.41 dollars per pill. Generic Cialis was being sold at a price of only 1.07 dollars per tablet. Levitra appeared to have been the most expensive generic impotence pill. The price of each pill containing vardenafil was 1.22 dollars. Brand Viagra and brand Cialis were worth 3.96 dollars and 3.91 dollars respectively. This is a price that many men who suffer from the inability to maintain a hard erection could afford without having to destabilize their financial lives. The pharmacy did not require their buyers to have a prescription script while ordering meds.

To pay for medications, buyers were required to use credit cards. The accepted credit cards on this drugstore included MasterCard and VISA. This is a great payment policy since as a buyer, I would have felt safe while sourcing medications from the pharmacy. If the pharmacy failed to deliver my meds, I would have had the opportunity to contact my credit card providers and request them to dispute the charges.

Medications were being shipped via two main methods. These are the Standard shipping and EMS courier delivery. The shipping process was being initiated in a period of 24 to 48 hours since the buyer placed the order. The EMS shipping method took approximately 5 to 9 days before medications arrived while the Standard Airmail shipping took about 14 to 21 days. The pharmacy indicated that due to some unexpected delays, the deadline for the EMS shipping was 14 days while the deadline for the standard shipping was 30 days. Buyers could cancel orders in the first 24 hours. was re-shipping lost packages and those which arrived when they were already damaged. Also, buyers could return medications for a full refund. had an online live chat option. Also, buyers could send the drugstore an email using the contact form integrated on the website. Reviews

I tried locating testimonials available for on third-party websites. However, I could not locate any. The reviews I have captured below were available on the drugstore official website:

Ezbuydrugshere Reviews

Cristian from Swansea reports that managed to send her a full order very quickly. The service she received was excellent. The call center was efficient for her. The medications delivered to her were top-quality. Hender says that he had the best experience while shopping for meds at He was pleased with the results produced by the medications he received and the fast delivery. Trevor tried the products offered by because all his friends were using them. He got great results. Even though he is 51, after taking the meds, he felt like a teenager.

The above reviews are not worth a buyer’s trust. Pharmacies usually create reviews and place them on their official websites to lie to buyers so that they can purchase meds from them. The best reviews to believe are supposed to be on a third-party review-collecting site where the pharmacy has no ability to manipulate them. Reviews 2018 did not have any reviews in 2018. However, I searched the drugstore domain address on Scam Adviser in order to determine its reputation in the current year even though it is not online currently. Here are the results that I got:

Ezbuydrugshere Scam Adviser Report

The pharmacy appears to have been relatively safe. Scam Adviser indicates that there may be a small chance of risk. For a normal website, this might be a great thing. However, for a drugstore that focused on selling medications, a 64% trust rating is not good at all. A drugstore should have a 100% safety rating if you are going to trust it with your health and money. Coupon Codes

After searching the web, I managed to find a coupon code that buyers could have used at I have captured the coupon code below:

Ezbuydrugshere Coupon Code

The coupon code was still active even though the drugstore is already non-existent. By using the coupon PHCA130, buyers were eligible to get a 10% discount. This would have been a nice discount considering that the pharmacy had fair prices.

Conclusion appears to have been averagely safe. The reason why I would have not trusted it with my money and health is that the drugstore did not have any proven testimonials which could tell the types of services it offered and whether the medications were genuine or not. The pharmacy had very fair prices. Also, it had a wide catalog which means it was able to solve numerous people health issues.

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