Blog Review – European e-Pharmacy with Zero Testimonials Review – European e-Pharmacy with Zero Testimonials is a drugstore whose physical location is not indicated on its website. Judging by the name of the drugstore, a buyer can assume that pharmacy has its physical location in Europe. The pharmacy appears to have been established back in 2015. This is the year placed on the drugstore copyright section. The drugstore, therefore, has been offering medications online for a period of approximately 4 years.

The drugstore catalog is fairly extensive. Some of the meds available on the catalog include diabetes medication, anti-acidity pills, antidepressants, asthma medication, arthritis pills, birth control medication, and more. The drugs are arranged in categories which makes it easier for buyers to get exactly what they want from without having to waste too much time.

To determine whether is affordable, I checked the price of the ED pills available on its front-page. These appeared to be the most popular medication on the pharmacy. As it turned out, the drugstore is fairly affordable. Its prices are not the lowest but they can be afforded. A pill of generic Viagra will cost the buyer $0.89, generic Cialis will cost the buyer $1.53 per tablet while generic Levitra will cost $1.81. does not appear to be selling brand ED medications. I assumed even the other meds available on the drugstore are generic pills.

The pharmacy indicates that payments can be made using the major credit cards. These include JCB, Mastercard, Visa, Diner’s club and others. I liked this payment method because if I happen to not receive my medication, the drugstore will either have to refund me or I will get to dispute the charges made to my credit card. Disputing charges is extremely easy when the payment has been made using a credit card.

Medication shipping is done via two main methods. These are the EMS and the Airmail method. The EMS method is more expensive. Its higher price can be owed to the fact that it does deliver medications faster than airmail. Also, the express mail service does have tracking. The EMS delivery will take approximately 7 to 10 days to deliver medications to their buyer. This shipping method will cost $29.95. The airmail method will take approximately 12 to 20 days before delivering the buyers medications. This method will cost $14.95. appeared to have higher shipping prices than some of the online pharmacies I have come across.

The order processing at takes approximately 48 hours. If a buyer places an order and feels like he or she needs to make changes, this can be done within the first 48 hours since placing the ordering. does accept medication returns. If a customer is not satisfied with the quality of medication the pharmacy delivered to him or her, he or she can contact the pharmacy for instructions on how to return the product. The pharmacy does offer refunds for returned and lost products. However, if the product was lost because the buyer entered the wrong delivery information, claims that they will not be liable for the loss.

I did not like the fact that does not have a live chat option. However, the pharmacy does have two phone numbers. These are +1 855 427 7780 (United States) and +4428 9454 8771 (United Kingdom). Reviews does not have even a single testimonial online. Even its website does not have onsite testimonials. Trusting an online pharmacy that has no testimonials is the quickest way to get scammed. Also, trusting the pharmacies which usually have enticing onsite testimonials can lead you to be scammed. The testimonials are almost always fake. The best pharmacies to trust are the ones which usually have positive testimonials on third-party websites.

As a result of lacking testimonials, I decided to scan the drugstore on scam adviser and see the results which I would get. I got the results I would have expected for a pharmacy that has zero reviews. I have captured the results below:

European-pharmacie Scam Adviser Report

The drugstore has a safety rating of only 34%. has already been threat-listed. Purchasing meds from the pharmacy will place the buyer at a very high risk of getting scammed. Reviews 2018

There are no 2018 testimonials for I had to use other domain scanning programs. Here are the results that I got:

European-pharmacie Report

The drugstore has a safety rating of only 17%. Such a website is not worth purchasing medications. does not recommend buying or browsing on The pharmacy does not have too many visitors which means that it is not a popular drugstore. Coupon Codes does not have coupon codes. However, the drugstore does have nice offers on its website. I have illustrated the offers below:

European-pharmacie Bonus

Buyers who purchase more than 20 pills get free Viagra pills as a bonus. The free Viagra pills number increases as the number of purchased tablets increases. When a buyer spends more than $150, he or she will get Free registered airmail shipping. When the buyer spends over $300, he or she gets free express courier delivery.


Buying from can’t be recommended yet. The drugstore has no testimonials. When you check the drugstore domain address using domain scanning programs, they all recommend avoiding the pharmacy. The drugstore does have nice payment methods and affordable prices. Once we get a proof from the customer reviews that the shop is really trustworthy, we can reconsider our recommendation.

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