Blog Review – Europe’s Leading Provider of Erectile Dysfunction Drugs Review – Europe’s Leading Provider of Erectile Dysfunction Drugs was a drugstore known for selling affordable generic medicines online. Based on the captured information on the web archive, this e-store operated from 2010 to 2017. Their bestsellers were mostly erectile dysfunction medicines because they only offer erectile dysfunction drugs. Based on its name, was based in Europe yet the based country was unknown.

Edeuro offered at least 25 brands of erectile dysfunction drugs. Their bestsellers are generic Viagra for $0.92 per tablet, generic Cialis for $1.20 per tablet, generic Levitra for $1.32 per tablet, Cialis Soft for $1.20 per tablet, Viagra Soft for $1.10 per tablet, and Kamagra for $1.20 per tablet. They also offered different brands such as Eriacta, Kamagra Oral Jelly, Suhagra, Silagra, Tadacip, Priligy, Viagra Super Active, Hard On Oral Jelly, Cialis Super Active, Kamagra Effervescent, female Viagra, and female Cialis. had six offers to their customers. They offered a service that does not require a doctor’s visit, products at the lowest price possible, discreet packaging or orders, embarrassment-free transaction, weekly deals for returning customers, and more discount if you will order more. had been down for some time now and some information was not captured and saved in the web archive. Information such as the shipping method used, accepted payment method, and policies on return or exchange of orders were no longer accessible.

On their page, it says that they deliver fast in Europe with up to 5 days wait time only. They also provided a phone number in case a customer needs to speak to their support team. The number to dial was 44 203 011 0138. They also had a live chat support system and a ‘contact us’ page. Reviews has a testimonial page that is no longer accessible. We checked for third-party reviews and luckily, we found some. Here are the reviews for EdEuro:


Edeuro Reviews

A 1-star rating was given to this e-store by Bjorn because of the virus he got from the web store. He advised users to stay away from it.

In 2013, we found reviews from Roe, William, and Alyson. Roe and Alyson gave this e-store a rating of 4-stars. Roe said he was pleased with the service and that he highly recommends this e-store while Alyson said that she was happy with the overall service. The review from William was a 3-star not because of the store or its products but because of the courier service where problem always arise.

In 2012, we found five reviews for EdEuro and two of these were 5-star reviews. Ronny and Mary gave the website a 5-star rating because she was impressed by the speedy delivery and the discreet packaging of the product. Ronny added that the system that the website was using was great.

The other review from 2012 was a 4-star rating from Rose who said that she loved the store for its easy to use design. She added that her order arrived after 5 days. This was one of the promises of EdEuro – that they have the fastest delivery service in Europe, which was 5 days.

The reviews of EdEuro were mixed although we noticed that they had some positive reviews in 2012 when they were just starting. As years pass by, it looks like they slowly had some setbacks and that includes having a virus on their website. Any computer user who sees such review will surely stay away from the said website.

With such a bad reputation, we assume that it was one of the reasons for this e-dispensary to close down. Reviews 2018

The last review we found for was in 2014. According to the saved information on the web archive, this e-store closed down some time in 2017. With the website being closed in 2017, we assume that they no longer have 2018 customer reviews. We tried to find new customer feedback but found none. Coupon Codes

Despite being closed, we found a coupon code that gives EdEuro customers a 10% off if this code is used. The code was 9EE361B5. The code expired within 24 hours. With the website being down, we can’t be sure if coupon code works or not.

Edeuro Coupon Codes

Aside from the found coupon code, we also noticed that had a lot of perks and promotions to offer to their customers.

Edeuro Perks

On their homepage, they have promotions that say they give four free Kamagra Oral Jelly sachets plus free shipping on eligible orders. Eligible orders are orders worth €400. Orders above the said amount were delivered thru EMS trackable courier. They also offered two Kamagra Oral Jelly sachets on all orders above €200. For returning customers, expect some discounts on your succeeding orders.

Conclusion was a good online pharmacy that was located in Europe. This website offered erectile dysfunction medicines to its European customers. They also cater to customers that were residing outside of Europe. Most of the medicines offered by this e-store were from India and were all generic brands.

Among the things that we loved about this website were their long list of erectile dysfunction brands to offer, their friendly prices, and the discounts they give to returning customers, their weekly deals, and the savings given to retailers or wholesalers.

Although the information we gathered was limited, we still appreciate the fact that they had a phone support, live chat support, and a contact us page that customers can use if they have questions. This means that they were open to their customers and that they were willing to answer questions and provide information. Their mix reviews were also good and we find it reliable because we found some disreputable reviews as well.

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