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Canadian Drugs 24 was an online pharmacy that operated from an unknown and an unspecified date, making it difficult for us to identify the length of its operations before disappearing and closing down. The internet archives have had 35 captures of the site from September of 2010 until March of 2018 and based on that, we can assume that it has operated for almost 8 years, selling medicines to customers from all over the world. As for the reason why it’s no longer available, no one really knows as the site made no announcements on its page about moving to another domain or closing down.

When it still operated as an online pharmacy, Canadian Drugs 24 sold generic medicines. This is to provide their customers with cheaper alternatives to the costly medicines which were sold at the local drugstores. Branded drugs are so expensive that many people find it a struggle just to afford a few pills of their needed meds. People often end up being unable to get the medicines that they need all because they don’t have the money to afford them. But Canadian Drugs 24 saw this need and decided to provide customers similarly effective medications but have lesser prices. The generic drugs which were sold by Canadian Drugs 24 were up to 90% cheaper than the local pharmacy prices and this allowed the buyers to save big and purchase their meds in great amounts.

Concerning the quality of the pharmaceutical products that it sold, the clients of Canadian Drugs 24 were also confident since their medicines were sourced from GMP-certified international drug manufacturers. Since medicine prices in the US were over the roof, Canadian Drugs 24 have sourced its products from countries such as the United Kingdom, Singapore, Turkey, New Zealand, India, and Australia. These are countries where drug production costs were low but the quality of medicines made was on par with the ones which were produced in the US. So what Canadian Drugs 24 did was it made these cheap and effective medicines available on its website which helped many people get drugs of the same quality as the ones which were sold locally at much lower prices. These meds which were available at Canadian Drugs 24 before were also approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), a trusted authority that proved that all of its products were safe and effective for use.

The most popular products that Canadian Drugs 24 had were pills for the treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED). On its bestsellers list, it had generic versions of the three most popular ED brands in the market which were Cialis, Viagra, and Levitra. For as low as $0.35 USD per pill, the clients of Canadian Drugs 24 were able to buy their ED meds; a very affordable price which is even cheaper than the prices that other online pharmacies offered. On the other hand, these same ED pills cost quite a fortune at the local drugstores with prices that range from $70 to $90 USD per pill. Because of this great difference in price, many people preferred to order their meds from Canadian Drugs 24 where it’s cheaper.

It also seems that Canadian Drugs 24 never required its customers to provide scripts for their prescription drug purchases. Back when it was still in operation, buyers were able to immediately proceed to the checkout page for payment after they finish choosing their needed meds. This enabled them to save time and money from costly doctor appointments as they no longer needed to present prescriptions when buying at Canadian Drugs 24 unlike when buying at local pharmacies. Reviews

The only reviews that could be retrieved for Canadian Drugs 24 were onsite reviews. Unfortunately, there were no longer any third-party reviews available for its site on the web for some reasons. Third-party reviews are much better to use in evaluating online pharmacies as those reviews are transparent and unbiased. Onsite reviews are still considered as user reviews but these are not as reliable as those which came from outside the site. This is because these reviews may have already been edited and modified by the site to speak positively for itself. But since there’s no other user reviews available, let’s check these ones out.

Canadiandrugs24 User Reviews

The thing that pleased Christian, a customer of Canadian Drugs 24 from France, was the fantastic customer service that he has experienced.

Dennis Powell, a customer from Germany, had an unpleasant experience in the past concerning ordering meds online. But he decided to take his chances again, this time with Canadian Drugs 24 and was pleasantly surprised to get an “awesome” shopping experience.

What the customer named Liam from Ireland appreciated about Canadian Drugs 24 was its reliable delivery service, delivering his orders despite the snow. He also mentions that buying from its site was cheaper than buying his meds locally. Reviews 2018

Canadiandrugs24 User Reviews

Only a short review was given by Nicholas of France for Canadian Drugs 24, confirming that his orders have already arrived and that the medicines were effective.

The next one is from Isaac, a customer of Canadian Drugs 24 from Sweden, who thanks the site for its affordable medicine prices, helping him better afford his needed drugs. Coupon Codes

Canadiandrugs24 Free Pills & Free Delivery

The clients of Canadian Drugs 24 had the privilege to get free ED pills whenever they ordered medicines from its site. Free express delivery is also offered for Viagra, Cialis, or Levitra orders but it was not made clear if this has a purchase amount requirement or if it applies to all orders.


Canadian Drugs 24 was a Canadian online pharmacy that operated for about almost 8 years before closing down. No reason was given by the site as to why it has closed down but it used to be a good source for quality medicines which its site sold for reasonable prices. It was such a disappointment to many of its clients but there’s nothing more than can be done. For other online pharmacy options, buyers should check our top list of recommended providers.

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