Blog Review – Closed Steroid Site Review – Closed Steroid Site is a closed steroids vendor that has a limited pool of information for its service online. Although the store has records on the web archive, since the store only entertains registered customers, it’s difficult to gather information about the store, especially now that it’s closed. Because this is the case, I pieced details from customer comments, author reviews, and other websites related to Alin Shop.

According to the information found online for Alin Shop, it is indeed a steroids supplier, although it also has “general health products” for other medical conditions (for instance, fertility, erectile dysfunction, and pain relief). The store has sold peptides, ancillaries, hormones and more for the past several years before finally closing down (or moving to another platform). Up to this point, it isn’t clear if the store has shut down because of the government’s reprimand, bankruptcy, or moving to another platform since Alin Shop In has not informed its consumers about this change. Former and interested buyers have sought answers for Alin Shop In’s disappearance in forums, but it’s still unsure if the store has closed down permanently or is now operating under a new domain address.

As for the products of Alin Shop In, the store had the following items: peptides, cycles and kits, liver protectors, sexual health medicines, and others. The store also distributed products from Balkan Pharmaceuticals and SP Laboratories. Among all the items on Alin Shop In, the shop featured the following items:

  • Bactrim 480 mg (100 tabs): $25 .00
  • Sustamed 250 mg/mL 1 amp: $7.00
  • Cytomel T3 50 mcg (60 tabs): $32.00
  • Lasix 40 mg(200 tabs): $30.00

Buyers were able to purchase medicines and substances on Alin Shop In without the need for any prescription. This is usually the way with online drugstores like Alin Shop In and in the case of this shop, prescriptions don’t actually matter considering the medicines are unapproved or not evaluated by the FDA.

Alin Shop In details for shipping and payments are vague – the store’s details mentioned that the shipping rates were calculated only upon checkout and that the payment options are revealed once the consumers have submitted their orders on the platform. As for the orders, Alin Shop In requires the buyers to place orders at least $100. However, the store did not indicate base fees for consumers unable to reach this minimum threshold.

Consumers have had no way to contact the shop other than emails since Alin Shop In did not indicate its phone numbers on the website. Reviews

Alin Shop In has had plenty of consumer reviews on the web, which means that it was a bit popular among consumers, especially those belonging in the bodybuilding community. I’ve found references to Alin Shop In on various online forums and threads, although I’ve only included a few comments from one forum platform in this review:

Alin Shop In Forum Comments

Alin Shop In Forum Comments
Alin Shop In Forum Comments

Consumers were constantly speculating about the fate of Alin Shop In since some buyers attested to receiving orders from the store while others have complained about getting nothing from the store. Finally, several users commented and mentioned that Alin Shop In is a selective scammer site, which means that it is somewhat inconsistent – sometimes it sends products, but at times it doesn’t.

Another user attested to this attribute of Alin Shop In and mentioned that the store was able to send his two consecutive order, although the last one was wrong. For his last order, though, the shop was unable to fulfill his order and ordered from a reliable, expensive European pharmaceutical instead. Reviews 2018

More recent reviews were available for Alin Shop In and it appears that the consumers still discussed their experiences at Alin Shop In:

Alin Shop In Complaint
Alin Shop In Complaint

A buyer complained on and mentioned that he ordered items worth $600 on the store. According to him, it’s already 3 weeks past his order and at the time of his writing, he’s never received any update from the shop whatsoever. He requested a refund but the store completely ignored his emails.

Alin Shop In Comment
Alin Shop In Comment

On the one hand, another forum member emphasized that Alin Shop In is a scam website mirroring the store Ashop. He cautioned one user about this and mentioned that the legit store is Ashop and Alin is a clone site. Coupon Codes

Alin Shop offered a summer promo to its consumers and gave 10% discount to its consumers (except for HGH orders). However, since the store’s now closed, this offer is not anymore valid.

Alin Shop In Promo
Alin Shop In Promo

Consumers may have saved in cost using the code JUNE10 from Alin Shop In, but we can’t confirm if this was indeed the case since there were no customer comments pertaining to the discounts offered by Alin Shop In in the past.


Alin Shop In was a steroids supplier that required customers to sign up first before being able to order from its platform. Alin Shop In sold substances and products that have not been evaluated by the FDA hence was a risky store to order from. Although the shop has had reviews from 3rd party platforms, customers merely complained about the shop’s selective scamming and inability to fulfill orders. For consumers with a need for cheap medicines, I recommend using shops classified under our list of TOP Online Pharmacies instead of using shops similar to Alin Shop In.

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