Blog Review – An Internet Source for Steroids Now Closed Review – An Internet Source for Steroids Now Closed was an internet store that specializes in selling drugs for increasing body mass through bodybuilding. Its products are all about steroids and the categories that it has are only limited to anti-estrogen drugs, asthmatics, steroid hormones, thyroid hormones, and tropical hormones. Under its Men’s Health category, also sells sildenafil citrate which is a drug that’s used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED). is what you can call a haven for bodybuilders since all of its products are about building muscle mass and strength and its only product that is not about bodybuilding is its ED pills. The pharma companies where it sources its products from include Alpha Pharma, Jenzen Pharma, Unigen, Rotex Medica, and others which are legit companies that sell safe products. has already been closed for a long time now and back when it was still in business, customers can just purchase their steroids freely. But in the administration of steroids, it should be closely monitored by medical professionals since too much of it can cause serious liver problems.

The physical location of was never mentioned on its site but we can safely guess that it was outside of the US and is located somewhere in Europe because it specifically mentioned on its site that it doesn’t cater to US customers. The reason behind it is because it was listed by as a rogue website, hence, it only made transactions with customers from the European Union (EU). It was never clearly stated on its website if they catered to customers from other parts of the world other than the EU but since there are only very limited records which are available for viewing, we can only leave the rest to speculation.

Purchasing from requires the customers to create an account on their site and purchasing as guest is not possible. requires their clients to provide accurate information regarding their name, address, telephone number, and email address since the order confirmations are sent to the customers via email. Every other email addresses are accepted by except for Google emails due to the issue that they are being blocked by Google’s servers from sending confirmation emails to their clients. The reason for this was not clarified on the website of but they only encourage their customers a different email address.

The only method of payment accepted by is payment through bank wire. After the customers finish ordering the products that they need, they will be receiving a confirmation email along with an account number on where they’ll be sending the payments. This payment setup is very risky since it will be very difficult for the customers to get their money back in case something goes wrong with the transaction. Credit card transactions are way safer since customers can always call their banks and cancel the payments in emergency situations. But since doesn’t accept credit card payments, its customers are put in a risky situation where they will be forced to hope that will keep their end of the deal.

Discounts are also up for grabs for the customers but only to those who will make large purchases at The larger the purchase that the customers will make, the bigger discount they will get. For purchases worth $250 up to $499 USD, customers will get a 10% discount. Purchases which are worth $500 to $999 USD will be discounted 15%. For buyers who will be able to order products which are worth $1000 to $1499 USD, the discount that they will get is 20%. The discount limit at is 40%, a handsome discount that can only be availed by customers who will be able to make a purchase with a total amount of $4000 USD and up. Reviews

A-bol User Review

A customer of named BillyChuck gave a positive review for the site, mentioning that he is very satisfied with his experience from the customer service that he has received up to the quality of the products that he bought. With regards to his communication with the site and the ordering process, BillyChuck gave a 10 out of 10 score as all of his questions were answered to his satisfaction and he was also given all the necessary information concerning the status of his order. As for the delivery of his orders as well as its packaging, he again gave the site a perfect score of 10 since he received his orders before the estimated time. For the product effectiveness and his overall experience, BillyChuck is pleased with the quality of the steroids that he used, giving him solid results. He concludes his review by thanking the site and recommending others to also shop at Reviews 2018 has already been closed for a couple of years now and its last online transmission was back in April of 2016. There are no reasons given by the site as to why it has closed down and people can only guess about the whys and wherefores. The site of doesn’t have a section where its customers can leave reviews and the reviews for the site can only be found at independent review websites that were affiliated to it back when it was still good. The most recent review for was 3 years ago which is around the time before the site closed down.

A-bol Quantity Discounts

Purchasing big is good at because customers will also get huge discounts the larger their purchases are.

They offer discounts from 10% up to 40% and the ones who are privileged to get the huge discounts are the customers who will be making large orders from the store. The minimum discountable purchase at their site is $250 USD while the purchases that will get the 40% discount are the orders which are worth $4000 and up.

Conclusion is an internet store that specializes in selling steroids. This site used to be operational but is now closed due to some reasons which are left undisclosed by the site’s administrator. Its assortment is only limited to bodybuilding products with the exception of its Men’s Health category where they sold ED pills. It had good reviews when it was still online but since it’s no longer available, customers can instead check our top list of recommended providers to find alternatives to

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