Blog Review – An Internet Pharmacy That Hid Their Personal Information Review – An Internet Pharmacy That Hid Their Personal Information was an internet pharmacy that cared about its reputation and customers according to their website. To keep their customers happy, they only shipped medicines from reliable drug manufacturers. They claimed that the medicines they dispensed were WHO approved and with certificates to prove that it passed testing. Apparently, these claims were the only information on their website and none about their location and operation dates. 24-online-sales is no longer active as of this writing.

The first thing that we noticed on the homepage of 24-online-sales was the long list of medical categories they had – it means these are the drugs they were offering back then. They offered different medications for different medical conditions such as fungal infections, viral infections, allergic reactions, cancer, diuretics, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high sugar level, and cardiovascular diseases. They also offered medications for obesity, hair loss, erectile dysfunction, anxiety, and depression.

For bestsellers, mostly erectile dysfunction medicines that were of generic brands. They offered generic Viagra for $0.36 each, $0.70 for generic Cialis, and $1.06 for Viagra Super Active. Included in their bestsellers list wee Amoxil for $0.27 per pill, Clomid for $0.35 per pill, Propecia for $0.36 per pill, Lasix for $0.18 per tablet, and Zithromax for $0.29 per pill.

For other brands of ED drugs that 24-online-sales offered, we found it under the erectile dysfunction category. We are surprised to find more than 30 brands of generic ED medicines on their page. They offered Cialis Black, Avana, Lovevitra, Super P Force, Cernos Caps, Viagra Gold, Kamagra, Cialis Professional, Cialis Super Active, Eriacta, Tadalis SX Soft, Revatio, Vigora, Suhagra, Tadacip, Sublingual Viagra, Forzest, and Caverta among others. This was one of the longest lists of ED medicines that we found that a website offered. These drugs were mostly from India, yet it was not clear whether operated from India.

As mentioned, this e-store claimed that all drugs offered at this e-store were WHO and FDA approved. For the RX medicines they offered, they did not require a prescription and just dispense it with a warning to customers to consult a health professional first before taking their medicine. Orders were shipped in two ways: EMS and Regular Airmail. The difference between the two was the cost and time of delivery.

For customers who proceeded on ordering, the mode of payment accepted by this e-store was credit card and E-Check. Prior to closing, they also included Bitcoin in the list of payment methods they accept. Customers were advised to check the status of their orders thru phone, email, and the order status page. All orders were backed up by a money back guarantee hence customers need not worry according to their FAQ page.

To contact this e-pharmacy, the numbers to dial were 1855 8272 387 or 1647 6941 568. They had a live chat support team and a contact us page. Reviews was an online pharmacy whose location was unknown. Its operating date was also not made available by the operator. According to the web archived data we found, this e-store could have operated between 2014 and 2017. We tried to search online for website reviews, but we found none. We also tried to find their customer reviews with no result. We noticed though that they have a ‘testimonial page’ hence we check it out.

24-online-sales Reviews

The first review was shared by Joseph, 55 years of age and a customer who ordered from Joseph said that he received his order on time and he had a good customer service experience. This customer said that he will recommend this e-store to anyone.

The next review we found was from Fabrizo who said in his testimonial that he wanted to recommend this store with all of his heart. Fabrizo is a regular customer because of their cheap medication and their speedy delivery. He said it only takes days for his orders to arrive and he also appreciates the 24/7 support.

For the last testimony, we found the one that was shared by Terry. Terry is dealing with ED at 52 hence he searched for an online pharmacy to refill his order. He said that Cialis from solved his problem.

These on-site testimonials of were very positive yet disturbing because they look so unreal. These are just three of the many positive reviews of this e-store shared on their website. With too many positive reviews, it looks like the owner or operator of this store had hired so many people to write and post a review for the store. Reviews 2018

We don’t know when shut down but after searching our resources, we conclude that this e-dispensary had no reviews for this year. Perhaps they did close in 2017. Coupon Codes

During their run, it looks like did not release any coupon codes that their customers can use. They did not release any promotions or sale that can entice customers to try their product. They didn’t offer common promotions that we often see from other online pharmacies such as free pills or free shipping.

Conclusion was an internet drugstore that didn’t release much information about them. They gave their customers promises such as safe and effective medicines, but they were not able to tell their customers where these medicines came from. They provided different support options as well but since it is no longer active, we are unable to test if these support systems were reliable and working.

We can say that they had a great list of products to offer. It is interesting to find the prices of the medicines they offered as well. Some were the cheapest on the web such as Viagra for only $0.40 per piece and Cialis for $.70 per pill (generic brands).

Still, the lack of data and the presence of seemingly fake reviews are too disbelieving hence we cannot recommend this e-store in our list of reliable online pharmacies.

Earl Hart

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