Blog Review – Decent Offers with Discounts and Freebies Review – Decent Offers with Discounts and Freebies is an online pharmacy website that has been in the business of selling quality generic drugs since 2007. It chose to sell only generic medicines to help its customers save money. Not just in the United States but almost everywhere in the world, medicine prices at local pharmacies are getting harder and harder to afford for customers especially prescription drugs. Let’s take the popular drug Viagra for example. Local pharmacy prices for this drug in the US is at an average $79 USD for each pill. On top of this very costly price, prescriptions are required from the customers which means they will have to pay professional fees to their doctors before they obtain a piece of paper that will allow them to buy their prescription drug, Viagra. But at, customers only need to spend $0.92 USD for one pill of Viagra and prescriptions are not required from customers in purchasing it. All prescription drugs on the selection of can be freely purchased by their clients without worrying about providing requirements such as prescriptions.

The location or country of origin of is not mentioned on its website but based on its market reach, it might be located somewhere in Europe. Its site is very easy to use as all of the bestsellers can be found on the center of its site. Customers no longer need a lengthy search for finding the bestselling meds as they can just check its front page for quick access. On the top of its site, there is also a search bar where users can put the name of their needed meds for a quick and specific search. Be it the brand name or the generic name of their meds, will give them the results that they are looking for. The drugs at are also arranged categorically where its clients will find their meds based on the health conditions that they are used for. These categories are placed on the left part of the site’s front page and are arranged alphabetically. not only offers quality and affordable meds but it also offers a reliable customer service system. It’s inevitable that clients are going to need assistance in some point regarding its products or how to use its website and some other concerns and to support their clients, have provided telephone hotlines for the users to call. The number to call for its international customers is +1 718 475 9088. For its customers from the US, the number that they should contact is +1 800 532 4808 and this is a toll-free hotline. The number to contact for customers from Europe is also different and the number that they should call is +44 203 011 0241. have also taken into consideration its customers who don’t have telephones that’s why it has also provided another means that they could use to contact its customer service department. Its site offers a live-chat option where customers will be able to speak with its representatives through chat, a much quicker and simpler option than calling its hotlines. Customers will also be able to communicate with through email and they simply need to visit its Contact Us page and fill out the forms.

All of the information that the customers will provide at is also safe as the site guarantees that all the personal and financial information they give will be kept confidential. The site also makes it clear that it does not send unnecessary or spam emails to its customers so it’s completely safe for their clients to provide them their emails. Reviews

So far, there have been no third-party user reviews for and all that we could get reviews from is its testimonials page. Since these reviews are from within the website, these reviews should not be taken as 100% genuine as there’s a huge possibility that these might have just been fabricated or faked to make the site look good. Here are some of those reviews coming from the site itself:

Tusgenericos User Reviews

James thanks the store as he has now finally received his orders. He also mentions that the product that he got is of the same quality as the ones which are sold at the local pharmacies. The pricing of helped him better afford his meds.

Another customer of named U Geilert thanks the site for its prompt delivery of his orders and also thanks the site for the extra gift that he has received.

The next review was from an anonymous customer who also thanks as he has now finally received his purchases. The reviewer mentioned that he was very pleased with the delivery and although he didn’t yet try the medicines out, he will be doing so soon. The customer was also happy that he mentioned he will be a customer for a long time.

The quick delivery of orders is also the reason for the review given by a customer named Yukio. The customer said that the orders arrived one (1) week earlier which was a pleasant surprise. Reviews 2018

No new reviews exist for on the web. Its site has a review section but there’s no way to put new reviews in. There are also no third-party websites that have user reviews for, leaving us only with the reviews from its own site. Coupon Codes

Tusgenericos Free ED Pills

Customers of are automatically entitled to get free ED pills with their orders. The minimum number of pills that they could get is 4 pills but the bigger their orders will be; the more bonus pills they will get. also provides free shipping for customers with orders which have a total amount of $150 USD and up.


Although have decent offers such as great discounts coupled with freebies such as free pills and free shipping, the lack of third-party reviews means that the site is not really that popular among customers. The reviews on its site were also overly-positive, making it somewhat suspicious. For other online pharmacy options, customers can check our top list of recommended providers.

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