Blog Review – Former Online Pharmacy with Good Deals for Impotence Medicines Review – Former Online Pharmacy with Good Deals for Impotence Medicines is an online pharmacy that’s now inaccessible. The shop actually redirects to a malware-riddled online shop but now, the store it redirects to is also unreachable. There is no information on why the shop Canadian Med Store closed down after serving its clients for several years.

In order to know more about the Canadian Med Store, I paid the internet archive a visit. I discovered that records for Canadian Med Store were available since 2009, which meant that the store was more or less incepted during the year.

There’s no information on Canadian Med Store about where it operated from or where it was hosted, but I think the owner of this website wants its clients to think that it’s based in Canada or at least think that it has sourced its products in Canada. However, judging by the store’s product lineup, it was perhaps similar to most online pharmacies I’ve seen online, stores that have products mostly from Indian generic manufacturers.

Most of the featured products of the Canadian Med Store were for erectile dysfunction – well, isn’t really a surprise since most online pharmacies feature ED medicines since they’re really popular with the customers. Among the most popular ones on Canadian Med Store were the following:

  • Viagra: $0.99 each
  • Cialis: $1.95 each
  • Levitra: $2.82 each
  • Viagra Soft Tabs: $1.97 each

Medicines on Canadian Med Store were available to the customers without Rx, so it was easy for buyers to order their medicines from Canadian Med Store compared to local pharmacies.

The shop charged $10 for shipping and accepted all kinds of credit cards (JCB, Diners, MasterCard, VISA, Discover, and more) plus e-checks for payments.

Concerning refunds, the shop offered to return its clients’ money and promised reshipments should their orders go missing or arrive damaged.

The store formerly offered a live chat support when it was still online and has also published its number for the customers to call. However, since Canadian Med Store is now offline, the shop could not be reached. Reviews

Buyer reviews for Canadian Med Store were unavailable. I tried to search the web for possible comments for the shop, thinking that perhaps this web pharmacy, given its years of online service, would at least have one or two reviews available. I looked for on-site testimonials, but the store had none, I checked prolific review sites for mentions for the Canadian Med Store but there were also none.

Yes, the Canadian Med Store did have reviews from bloggers, but none of their reviews were from experience – all of the articles for the Canadian Med Store were from authors who have merely browsed the platform, which means that most of these writings for the Canadian Med Store were based on the impressions of the authors. I actually prefer third-party reviews for all online drugstores I’ve reviewed so they can somehow better represent the performance of the shop in question; however, since there weren’t any for Canadian Med Store, it’s difficult figuring out what to think of the Canadian Med Store pharmacy. Reviews 2018

There was nothing about the going out of business of the Canadian Med Store shop in 2018 since the store’s closed before 2018 has started. I still tried to look for Canadian Med Store reviews but with no luck – I still ended up with nothing, so I looked for other options to review Canadian Med Store instead.

Canadian Med Store Scamner Result

Canadian Med Store Scamner Result
Canadian Med Store Scamner Result

Using, one of the trustworthy third-party website analysis platforms on the web, I was able to determine that Canadian Med Store only had a 0% trust score overall. According to the more detailed report for the website, the shop had these low points:

  • Canadian Med Store did not have its own SSL certificate
  • Overall, Canadian Med Store wasn’t trustworthy
  • Canadian Med Store was just registered recently, which means that it has expired before Coupon Codes

Only a few online drugstores are able to offer coupon codes and discount deals to its customer and among the select few stores that did this was the Canadian Med Store pharmacy. According to the records, buyers were entitled to a 5% discount on their orders using the code NORTHEXP upon checkout.

Canadian Med Store Coupon Code
Canadian Med Store Coupon Code

Besides the coupon code, the Canadian Med Store has also offered other deals, as you can see in the screenshot below:

Canadian Med Store Buyer Discounts
Canadian Med Store Buyer Discounts

Buyers were given the following conditional deals by the Canadian Med Store:

  • At least 2 to 12 free pills on the next orders
  • 5 to 15% discount on the reorders
  • Bulk order discounts
  • Free shipping
  • Free package insurance


Canadian Med Store was an online pharmacy that has records dating back to 2009. This shop offered cheap products for a wide range of medical conditions, although most of its offers were centered on erectile dysfunction treatments. The shop had a lot of deals for its buyers, but unfortunately, Canadian Med Store had no reviews on third-party platforms, which made it difficult for me to identify whether Canadian Med Store was a good store or not.

However, since Canadian Med Store is now closed, I think the more important thing is to search for new pharmacies to use in the future. You can consider the shops listed under our TOP Web Drugstores for the year, so you’re assured of good stores that offer guaranteed deliveries.

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